Asking the Unspoken- an 18+ writer's survey (facebook group)

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    As it says in the name, this is a place where writers have the opportunity to ask other humanoids about their opinions and experiences, for the sake of rounding out our plots and deepening our characters, and gaining insights that are not our own. Often times I have hesitated to ask questions in writer's groups because of their welcoming of all ages, and simply the genres I write. In such a vast audience, there are topics that are simply risky to post. This place is intended as the safe place, with very few limits on questions you may ask. No judgement or trolling, and the option to have an admin post your question anonymously. If names are listed on a post, even if we know each other, we just pretend we don't. Its the anonymity of the internet, and the wider audience, not to mention more instantaneous response time of Facebook.

    Rules are listed under the Pinned Post, and all posts are subject to admin approval.

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