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Our History And Our Mission

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The Inner Sanctum was created by a small group of like-minded individuals who love to write, draw, and role-play.

We envisioned a site that would not only be aestheticially pleasing, but also welcoming to the many different types of role-players, writers, and artists out there without passing judgement. We all have our quirks...

We welcome role-playing, novellas, and serials of all types with very few limitations restricting our members from expressing themselves honestly. We hope to offer you the perfect platform to share your true self with us through words and images. We hope to showcase great writing and visual arts with the hope of giving our members the exposure needed to hone and promote their talents.
Links to your work is allowed so long as site rules are followed. Pornographic links are prohibited. Please see our sites rules for clarification before posting to our forums or linking to your work.

On behalf of all of our staff, thank you for entering The Inner Sanctum.
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