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Who are you, how long have you been writing and what kind of things do you like to write?

I only got into the rp scene in maybe 2017 and haven’t done it much over these past couple years. I prefer long-term rps but can do short-term rps. I can do sex though out of practice and story but I do not like a sole sex rp; I need plot to keep me interested. I took a break for a while due to not feeling the rps I was in and not getting any interest from others. Often when I role play, it dies shortly after I join, it never takes off, or too often I get relegated to the sidelines until I leave the rp. This happening repeatedly makes me think I am cursed and kills my love of role playing.

What do I like to write?
  • Dark Themes: I love dark stuff. Give me the chance to kill someone, to rape someone, to make them bleed and hurt, to torture someone with mind games and physical violence.
  • World Building: Ever since I began working on my book series JOF, I have fallen in love with world building.
  • OOC Chatter: I like talking to people I role play with, not only to help flesh out ideas for a story but also to build a repitore with those I am role playing with. Communication is key between role players.

How long do your replies tend to be and what is your writing schedule like?

Detailed replies of at least 2 paragraphs but sometimes more depending on muse. I am not as young as I used to be where I could churn out multiple paragraphs in an hour for multiple characters. It really depends on my muse and interest.

I am in eastern time zone (so -5:00 or -4:00 during daylight savings time). Usually a night owl from 9pm-1 or 3 am but also can be up from 6am and then scattered throughout the day.

Are you okay with violence? Gore?

I love violence and gore. I can get very detailed and graphic in describing in detail.

Things I like:

  • Abuse (sexual, physical, emotional/verbal, physical or emotional neglect)
  • Hair pulling
  • Rape/Gang Rape
  • Non-con
  • Consensual
  • Violence
  • Torture
  • Humiliation
  • Smacking
  • Drowning
  • Caging
  • Branding
  • Beastility with werebeasts or vaewolves in were or creature form though I believe this is a no here. Just a mention that I have done it.
Things I do not like/won’t do:
  • Anything with kids
  • Mutilation
  • Removal of body parts, limbs, organs, etc.
  • Cannibalism
  • Soft Vore/Hard Vore/Extreme Vore
  • Whatever is in my no on my F-list
  • Dismemberment
Do you write sexual content? If so, what are your kinks? Limits?

I do write sex and rape, however my practice is limited. I will do prostitution and attempt bondage as well as master/mistress and slave play. Not comfortable with mistress stuff due to bad experience. You can find more here:

My F-List

I will not do:

  • Scat
  • Bathroom Stuff (includes urinating or shitting in peoples’ mouths; bad experience with that)
  • Anime Breasts (breasts that are too big or excessive)/Anime ass (ass that grows exponentially)-that shit is ridiculous
  • Water play
  • Growing breasts, cocks, balls, ass or vulva to insane measures
  • Anal pregnancy
  • Fisting of any kind
  • Male pregnancy
  • Incest
  • Anything on F-List that has a ‘no’
Do you write any fandoms? (Please bear in mind that any characters under 18 and any high school settings must be aged up)

  • Pokemon (usually next generation)
  • Last of Us (love this)
  • Law and Order (wiling to try, love the series)
  • Wolf's Rain (an apocalyptic world where wolves are considered extinct and hunted down by humans, these wolves always seek paradise-an anime I like)
  • FNAF (love the game lore, have not played though)
  • Harry Potter
  • Wolf’s Rain
  • Assassin’s Creed (never done it but love the series and have a few games)

Do you have any pairing or setting ideas?

  • Western (have not attempted though)
  • Sci-Fi/Future (including space or colonization of other planets; androids)
  • Modern
  • Fantasy
  • Mythology
  • Tribal
  • College (depends)
  • Lab (depends)
  • Military (not too familiar with but I love war novels/military)
  • Historical
  • Pirates
  • Post-Apocalyptic /Apocalypse
  • Crime (haven’t really tried)
  • Ancient China, Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece, Ancient India, Ancient Japan
  • Werewolves
  • Vampires
  • Demons
  • Were-creatures (werecats, werecanimes, weredragons, werebears)
  • Dragons
  • Humans
  • Elves
  • Dwarves (rarely done)
  • Kitsune


Roles bolded are my preferred role. No bold means I can do either.

  • Werewolf x Werewolf
  • Werewolf x Vampire
  • Human x Vampire
  • Dragon x Dragon Rider
  • Master x Slave
  • Lab Experiment x Lab Experiment
  • Human x Werewolf
  • Otherworld Visitor x Earthling (this would likely involve a sci-fi plot)
  • Angel x Human
  • Assassin x Victim
  • Crime Lord x Assassin
Do you have any long-form plots?

Will make a post detailing plots.

Do you have any characters you want to write?

A list of characters can be found on my character list.

Things looking for in a partner:
  • 18+ years old, just for both parties concerned.
  • I understand people are back in school and working throughout this pandemic. Completely understandable. I may message you just to see if you're still interested if I haven't heard from you in like a week or two.
  • Please inform me if you are no longer interested in role playing with me. I hate being ghosted and it has driven me from role playing at all in either 1x1 or group rps.
  • OOC (for plotting mainly, tossing ideas around and such, occasional chatter outside plotting/rp purposes)
  • At least a paragraph. Please don't do one-liners. I don't have anything to go off there with 1-liners. Try to go over your response and I will try to do the same with mine as far as grammar and punctuation go.
  • Welcome to develop personality and history in rp, just give a brief summary of history.
  • 3rd person POV
Any additional notes you want to add?
  • Please, if you are not planning on continuing an rp let me know. Do not ghost me, it gets me down.
  • Please, at least speak/write good English and try to spellcheck/use proper grammar.
  • I do not do text speech or one-liners. That gives me nothing to work with. Also, I am in my mid-30s and that makes me think you are a child or are not a good writer.
  • Can do M x M, M x F x M, M x F
  • Poly, homosexual, bi or straight
  • Third-person POV only
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Fandom Plots

Eighteen years have passed and the daughter of Dawn and Ash Ketchum is finally ready to begin her pokemon journey. Abandoned by her parents who continued to pursue their dreams of becoming a top coordinator and pokemon master, leaving their two children with Delia in the Kanto region. Living with her uncle since the age of 8 years, she chooses a Cyndaquil as her partner after working as Professor Elm's assistant. Gifted with Aura from her father, she begins her journey in Kanto in hopes of one day beating her father and on her journey travels with Shion Harrison, the son of Brock and Misty who was also abandoned. Shion, who has inherited the gift of psychic thanks to a hidden talent running in Brock's family, joins up with Sky, despite being fourteen with his Chimchar at his side and together, they begin a quest to get back at their parents for abandoning them, facing villainous teams, poachers and other obstacles in their quest for revenge; eventually needing to make a choice between revenge and forgiveness. I would play my characters Shion and Sky, but you would play your own character as well. You could be a gym leader, a fellow pokemon trainer, a member of a villainous team, or a pokemon champion/elite 4 member of your respective region

A vampire knight x hakiyuu crossover, possibly with fantasy elements where our characters perhaps go to Cross Academy during the events of the anime. One character's a vampire and one's a human or maybe an elf whose disguised as a human who maybe gets turned into a vampire which creates some problems. For some reason, the vampire character has to guide the newly turned vampire (maybe they were the one who bit them or one of the canon characters or a rogue did) but after those events, perhaps they flee Cross Academy and seek shelter from hunters and other vampires in Japan where they may take up the sport of volleyball (or we can throw in another sport).

Original Plots



Name: Beldevere Zeppffenhain / Arnac
Race: Demon / Hellhound
Gender: Male / Male
Setting: Modern
Notes: Slightly based on the tv show Bones, will have darkness and potential three-way romance between YC, Arnac and Beldevere

Plot: There are rumors of people going missing, some bodies found later devoid of flesh and yet others who remain missing. Unbeknownst to society, a creature of hell resides on earth and collects specimens to keep as pets and slaves, using his hellhound to find people and bring them to him. YC is captured and destined to become yet another pet of Belevere, however as a 'reward' YC is given to Arnac for an entire day and a half to do with as he chooses. YC can be a journalist, a detective or even an ordinary citizen who can try to escape or rebel, perhaps they do not want to leave. The question on YC's mind is...why were you taken and more importantly...can you survive?

Name: Juxin
Race: Eastern Dragon
Gender: Male
Setting: Fantasy, Historical or Modern
Notes: This involves romance between MC and YC, can be a mixture of fluff and dark if you like. It also involves world building.

Plot: Legend tells of dragons, split into two breeds: those of the western four legged winged reptiles and those of the eastern that fly without wings and are seen as gods. From this mixing came the wyvern, the two legged kin with venom in their bodies. But dragons, whether as gods or beasts, have always existed in the shadows out of sight and eventually learning to take form. MC bonds with YC who becomes his rider after he's set free by YC and helps hide him from some foolish humans. Over the course of the rp, they eventually develop romantic feelings for each other and seek to further deepen the bond they already have.

Name: Ajax Qast
Race: Zalbilian (race I made up)
Gender: Male
Setting: Sci-Fi, Future
Notes: Lifespan is Infant:: 0-3 years, Child:: 4-11 Years, Adolescent: 12-16 Years, Young Adult:: 17-51 years, Adult:: 52-102 Years, Middle Aged:: 103-800 years, Old:: 801-1,000 years, Venerable:: 1,001-5,000 years; involves worldbuilding

Plot: MC (Ajax) is from a different planet (Maligantu-a planet in JOF Solar System) at the age of six, living on a space ship for a year and a half as it went from planet to planet collecting different specimens to sell as slaves or live in an intergalatic zoo. Ajax was chosen to be used as a slave and transported to earth and sold to a cruel master who treated him cruelty for the next 6 years. His new master would give him an education and train him for the next decade until he became competent enough to strike out on his own. YC comes in as a potential friend of Ajax's or just sneaks on board a ship when he ends up taking it to try to get back home, a small ragtag group control of a ship and heading off across the galaxy to hunt criminals across the galaxy.

Race: Werecanines (werewolves, werecoytes, werecoyotes and weredogs)
Gender: Male and Female
Setting: Modern/Tribal
Notes: This will involve breeding, impregnating/pregnancy, dark/fluff with some romance and potential abuse/violence/torture.

Plot: A strange pack is rumored to exist somewhere, a pack of different werecanines who lost their packs and came together to form a new family. However, there are only two females within the pack and despite their separate species, they manage to function well together. YC perhaps wanders into the territory on accident and is found by a patrol, finds an injured member, or is dating one of these creatures without knowing who or what they are. Regardless, somehow your character ends up within the pack, intended to serve the pack's males sexually and in other ways, becoming a pet among the entire pack.

Starter Plots:

Setting: Future/Plot: Light flooded their eyes as the ship's doors slowly opened, flooding the cramped confines of the holding area and causing shrieks from those within the cages where they'd been kept throughout the journey. A few whimpered and still others did not speak at all, beaten into submission or perhaps too frightened to do so. Those that were to be dropped off would find themselves suddenly injected with something within their cages, rendering them unconscious. This was but a stopover for refueling and to drop off the shipment of animals for the zoo that's famous throughout the galaxy. Shackled within their respective cages, strange beasts would be brought up to the door pulling a wagon and the cages loaded into them and then the wagon was pulled, moving away from the ship as it remained docked. When the drugs wore off, their eyes opened slowly, their limbs feeling heavy and see themselves now within a room...yet a moderate wind blew from somewhere nearby and they made their way outside only to see themselves within a small tree line, unaware they were being watched or the walls surrounding the environment.

Name: Ryujin Arkyn Odinson
Gender: Male
Race: Vampiric Ghoul; formerly demigod (son of Thor and Scarlet Witch)
Powers: Astral Projection, Nature Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Possession, Telepathy, Teleportation, Flight, Telekinesis, Precognition, Force Field Generation
Notes: Characters will have powers as a result of experiments (10 max), characters will have superhuman senses as a result of their bodies being altered.
Setting: Laboratory/Modern/Plot: Something was stalking them. They couldn't see what it was, but unease drifted down their back as they attempted to find their way out of this underground labyrinth. For some reason, they have been captured and wake up in a room yet after a week of being left alone they escape through an open door and down to an area where they overhear rumors of something residing within. Yet this might be their only way out of this place and so they dare to venture within, finding themselves underground within a labyrinth t that seems impossible to navigate. At first, they notice nothing strange but then get the feeling that they are being watched, that something is stalking them...hunting them through the twists and turns. Just what is it that lies down here that frightens the guards and employees? And can you survive the secrets of this place and find out why you were brought here?


Name: Kotake Yoshimasa
Gender: Male
Race: Kitsune
Notes: Involves our characters being archeologists, somewhat based on Indiana Jones and The Library
Setting: Modern/Plot: "I don't think this is your best idea, riding a train like this!" The train moved along through the desert, heading towards the city of Alexandria as the kitsune balanced atop the train before turning his head towards the woman that shouted up at him.
"When am I not careful?" Kotake chuckled at the look on the woman's face. "Can't see anything from the train else are we to know when we're close and need to get off?"
"Kotake..." The woman sighed and turned to head down the ladder, balancing herself on the top of the cars as the wind blew dry, the heat of the desert sticking to them as the small team of five made their way to the port city of Alexandria at the Nile delta. However...before they had even gotten halfway to their destination, there was the sound of an explosion and the train screeched to a halt, sparks flying up from the wheels it tilted, Kotake found himself thrown from the train at the sudden lurch of the brakes, landing in the desert sands around them.

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Just an FYI:

Hunters, Raiders, & Limba Milbitus will not have sex in them at all.

The Collector, Haunted Howls, and potentially Dragon’s Rider will have sex scenes with characters in human form only.


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Otherworldly Plots and Werewolf x Human plots have been taken.

Haunted Howls (female version) is being done but a tribe of male werecanines breeding a female is still open.

Removed Luna Mibilitus due to I'm turning that into a comic instead.
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