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It's wonderful to be here in the Inner Sanctum!
To start off with, I would like to say that I am looking for long-term partners who won't leave me hanging. I'd like to get around 10-ish quality RPs going. They don't all have to be my ideas listed below. I don't wanna overwhelm myself right off the bat. I can fully understand if depression hits or the muse is faulty or life is just crazy, if a break or a full hiatus is needed, just communicate with me, please. One minute of your day and a single message could do wonders for our partnership. I have no problem waiting days, weeks, or even months. Just as long as I know what to expect. My anxiety and self-doubt are a mfer so increasing those are no good.

Thank you in advance for understanding that bit.

Onto details!
I am a fairly literate writer. Depending on the subject matter and how much I am allowed to play with, I can build starter posts with double-digit paragraphs. Or very detailed smaller posts;, usually around 2-4. As for replies, I work with what I am given and I intend to give as much of myself to a story as possible in order to do our characters justice with quality over quantity. If you're not willing to do the same, respectively move along. Please.

I love OOC chatting. I feel that the more that I get to know someone, the more likely I am to be inspired to write with them or come up with fresh and new ideas. I'm usually an MxF writer but I can go to FxF. My males aren't submissives though. That's just not something that I can write out. Females can be domme/sub/switch.

Onto Story/smut!
I'm well versed in smut. However, I would prefer a 70/30 with story leading. Depending on the situation, that could be altered somewhat. I will only handle one smut-heavy thread at a time. It can be overwhelming to have several threads all hit sexually at the same time. And I feel that I need to be clear about something: Though I'm not one to skip or fade-to-black for sexy situations, I refuse to force two characters with no context or cause to be thrown in the sheets. If the situation is right, absolutely and let the details and juices flow. If not, let the story continue.

If you wanna know the kinks, just ask. They'll vary from character to character. Just to give an idea or two:
Non-con, adultery, incest, public play, choking, face-fucking, spanking, degradation/humiliation to name a few.

Turn-offs/Absolute NOs for any of my characters:
Controlling my character without prior consent
I saw that it's against the rules but I still feel that it needs to be said: No minors!

What I expect out of a partner!
-Decent grammar, at least. There are too many applications and programs to assist with spelling but I have been known to throw out typos, especially when I am absolutely STOKED about a story. Typically, I try to re-read each post before submitting but I can miss it sometimes. I just don't want to have to decipher a whole post just to get an understanding of it.
-Also, posting intervals. You don't have to post several times a day, once a day, or once a week. Just as long as I'm not being intentionally ignored when waiting on your response. If it's my turn to post for you, you are my next priority. Your first reply gets my next reply in the order in which I receive it. I would hope the same for my partner. I'm not sure if that's a problem here but it has been an issue in the past.
-I give everyone the benefit of a doubt in the beginning. I believe that people are good and respectful so please don't give me a reason for that to be in vain.
-I have a wide array of willingness to negotiate when it comes to plotting out stories and characters. Don't be afraid to ask anything. The worst that can happen is that I say no. I don't kink shame or degrade anyone for wanting something specific. I will always respect your 'No' so please respect mine in return.

If anything is ever unclear, understand that is not my intent so feel free to ask any and all questions that you may have.

Onto Ideas!

Killer BossxSecretary/Maid/Assistant
It's been tried a few times so far but I'm willing to give it another go, with the right plot. This will be my only smut- and tease-heavy plot that I'll be doing until its completion, so I really want to make it a good one. I'd like to get MC, CEO/Director/Rich guy for something or other, involved with YC, in any role you really think will work with this dynamic. MC would be a boss by day, running a company or organization or a department or whatever, and would be a serial killer by night. I don't think that YC would be on his target list (plotting dependent) but she would find out by stumbling on him in the act. Henceforth, she wouldn't leave. Whether that is because she really needs the job or you want her threatened or she's actually into it, I'll let you decide that. Anyway, since she won't be able to leave, it leaves a lot of room for teasing in inappropriate places and situations on both sides or strictly focused on her. There are plenty more details and available ways to continue this. Just reach out, if interested

Hacker-typexfriend/enemy/lover/all of the above
So this one stems from wanting to make a character that hacks for personal or as a job. He stumbles on something dark and menacing so has to go on the run. YC could be his roommate or someone that MC hacks against regularly but they discover the secret together. So they're both at risk and join to run away. Just leads to a lot of running, hiding, hacking, brains, and personal growth as they defend themselves and each other.

Science ExperimentxScientist/Researcher
MC would be the experiment. This could end up being pretty much whatever as far as the research and everything goes. The idea here is to put MC through tests and exercises and all sorts of experiments that cause him pain. Eventually, we can lead up to a breakout or he's sent on a mission then disappears. Possibly with a hostage in tow.

Phoenix x any. This one is very versatile with plotting since I can essentially take it anywhere. The idea behind it is that MC doesn't know that he's a Phoenix. Just thinks he's a magic-user. He thinks he knows his actual age. And he thinks that he knows his parents. But no. He's a Phoenix that has been resurrected over and over. His memory is wiped every time. He doesn't know his actual age or that his parents actually took him in/found him. Whatever makes sense for the story. YC can legitimately be anything you wanna play.

This matching can pretty much be anything below. I like the thought of this 'librarian' to be immortal and possibly a magic-user. The idea is that he's collected all manner of books over the centuries he's been alive, traveling, made friends, enemies, etc. But he mostly helps people. Not like a healer. I mean, he can heal too, I think, but it's more of a situational helper. We can twist it up however but I think it would be a fun one. :)

More to come!

Boss/Director/MasterxSecretary/Assistant/Maid ***
HunterxHunter ***
Royal secret weaponxRoyal lady of some sort
Step/Real Father/BrotherxStep/Real Daughter/Sister
Science ExperimentxScientist

If nothing strikes your fancy, any original ideas are more than welcome or share your own in a direct message.

Thank you for reading!! You've been a wonderful crowd!
Beetlejuice, out.
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