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Review by: Armydillo1281

Product: Guardian angel – Azrael

1 star ⭐

It might be in bad practice to complain. I know, I know I was assigned this 'guardian' angel. Free of charge. At least that's what I'm led to believe. But is anything really free? Is it?

Look so I've figured out this much. His name is Azrael – or whatever. Do I recommend? Not even in the slightest. If I could give zero stars I would. But this stupid app makes me give it at least a 1 star review. As in, thanks for showing up – you get a star. Reward culture at its finest. Honestly – if I could process an exchange I would go back and give 5 stars. Just save me from this mess. Please.

I'm writing this as I am sitting in a crumbling building. It used to be one of the high rise apartments here in New York. The view used to be full of smog and dotted with the sounds of sirens and the incessant honk of an angry cabbie horn as they echoed through the cityscape. Now? You should see this place. A year ago all Hell broke loose. Literally. I'm talking about a giant gaping hole with demons. Yep that's right demons. They crawled out of the darkness and destroyed most everything in their path.

Does this review even matter? Will anyone read it? Doubtful. At least it is something to pass the time.

So first problem with this so called Guardian Angel; No matter how many times I have put myself in harms way. I just can't die. Who in their right mind wants to live through an apocalypse of demons? You would think the answer to that would be blatantly obvious. But I digress.

Broken. That's all I have to tell you. Maybe its a glitch. A defect if you want to call it that. Who knows. But this asshole can't seem to leave what's well enough alone. I've had miraculous recovery from injuries all while I watch others wither and writhe in pain from the acid soaked wounds. I've had food, water, ammunition. You name it. Is there any end in sight? I've asked for it. But of course I'm only answered with silence. That's another thing – he doesn't speak. I'm pretty sure I learned that open communication is the way to go. But I could be wrong. Silence could be the key in the end. At least I can hope it.

So if I haven't made it blatantly clear. Return this product as soon as possible, hell don't even buy it, if you don't want to end up like me. Hopefully with any luck they'll take this version off the market for good.

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