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Unspecified Welcome! Want to Roleplay Together?

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Hello everyone! Lovely to meet you.

If you are new to roleplay, welcome! I'm beginner roleplay friendly. I love to lift up your spirits and encourage you! Do not fear anything such as pushing comfort zones coming from me.

I'm going to use this thread as a way to share to others what I'm like and of course welcome anyone to read below and see if they are interested in RPing with me! Please respond below or DM me if you are interested. Thanks!

So, how did you start?
This is embarrassing, but hey, full disclosure, I started roleplaying since I was very little. In elementary school I would write and send notes to my friends and they would write back to me. I would even do this during sleepovers. I would pass my notebook to my friend(s) and they would write their responses and so on all night.

What do you like to write?
I'm glad you asked! I'm the type of roleplayer where if you can write 10 paragraphs, I can write 10 paragraphs. I can RP any gender (no preferences) and any dominant/submissive/switch (no preferences, but for my dominant characters, I like build-up). I love medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, magic, dragons, D&D, Supernatural entities, romance, etc. I'm not partial to regular slice of life things, either, as long as there's something to keep up our interests. Sadly I am not motivated for futuristic settings. Sorry!

I prefer stories and characters that we created. I don't mind using some fandom settings. I'm not very interested in playing characters of fandoms, but if you want to ask or DM me about it anyway, go ahead! I'll be honest with you.

As far as characters go, I don't mind if they are anime characters, face claims of anime characters, face claims of real life public models, but I prefer OCs and "basing" looks on others. It's also entirely acceptable that your character's appearance only be explained via text with no visual examples!

Romance is not a requirement, but it is something I am always interested in. Even if it's starting as strangers, friends, etc first. I love slow build-ups, I absolutely love angst, and making adorable couples is just the best in my opinion!

Smut is also not a requirement. Please tell me your comfort zone and where you would like to fade to black. That being said, I will absolutely not hesitate to write smut!

I like to please and I am easy to please. I am the type of person that is all about personality rather than looks, so I do not have preferences on appearance, but if you are all about looks or have preferences on apperance, please tell me! I want to please you!

What is your schedule?
Good news! I have a lot of free time. So hopefully a few responses a day to at least one response a week from me.

What do you tolerate and what are your limits?
Please ask or DM me about any other things not listed here that you want to ask if I am comfortable with.

What I do tolerate:
- OOC chatting. Always feel free to start conversations, react to our RP responses, ask questions, or just talk to me!
- 1x1, group RPs
- MxM, MxF (FxF is tentative. I've never done it before, not very interested, but open to it as long as you are nice)
- Sneaky/risky/secret smut
- Furries
- RPing as animals, Pokemon, mythical creatures, etc! (No romance!)

What I do not tolerate:
- Talk of real life events especially politics and religion in OOC.
- One-line responses.
- Deliberate illiteracy ("lol", "ur").
- Ghosting. Please let me know if you're busy/need a break! I will do my best to let you know as well.
- Characters that are or look 100% like any celebrity. (Basing the looks of your character off of real life people is fine. Face claims are fine whether anime or IRL people.).
- Perfect characters that never do anything wrong and/or have zero flaws. Characters that never have any character progression.
- Characters with very little personality or their entire personality is that they are, I don't know, submissive is a good enough example I guess.
- Pressuring me, pushing me out of my comfort zone, etc.
- Controlling my character without permission first. This includes saying my character has been harmed, moved, etc.
- Killing my character without consent.
- Cheating
- Physical/mental abuse, domestic violence, creepy levels of obsession, force feeding, etc. I'm not asking for a perfectly happy romance, but I'm also never going to tolerate a dangerous, abusive, non-con one, either.
- Multiple partners/polyamory (Please don't take offense to this! I love my poly friends and family! I have tried poly scenarios and learned that I am just 100% monogamous.).
- Scenarios that happen such as suicide, thoughts of suicide, miscarriage, other things along that realm. History of it is fine.
- Storylines that never recover from sadness/depression scenarios, or things never go right. Failure and sadness is fine, but relief from it eventually is needed.
- Non-con, vore, scat, vomit, BDSM (maybe soft BDSM?), ageplay

What fandoms do you like? Any pairings? What Settings are you interested in?
Ask or DM me about any fandoms 'cause I'm not very big on them. I'll be honest with you! I'm also very open about pairings and am interested in too many to mention. Tell me about your interests!
* Please note that when I'm talking about the Supernatural, I mean it generally. I know nothing about nor am I interested in the TV Show.

Here are some setting ideas that I'm interested in:
- D&D or based off of D&D.
- There are Supernatural entities in the modern world, but they must hide their true identities from humans.
- There are Supernatural entities in the modern world, humans know that they exist, and perhaps they accept them, fight against them, fear them, etc.
- Dragon riders in a medieval fantasy setting.
- Dragons!
- A magical medieval fantasy setting.
- A magical modern fantasy setting.
- Slice of life (as long as there's a plot to keep us both interested!)

I bet you at least have one plot. Tell us all of your plots!
Okay, okay fine! I'll post one for now. This is a Supernatural modern setting with a humor plot to it. I want to write a book about it eventually. There's a lot more going on than just the plot I'm going to summarize here for you. You'll have to learn everything else about the world by roleplaying with me! MxM and MxF is acceptable.

My character (MC) is a college student working on getting a degree in IT. Yesterday night he attended a party with friends, but wakes up in the morning in a back alley a few blocks away. What the hell happened? He doesn't remember. Did he black out from drinking too much? What MC doesn't know is that he's turning into a vampire, but is in denial because first of all, he's a Supernatural Skeptic, and second of all, there's circumstances going on that give him enough doubt and to stay oblivious to his transition. There's a variety of characters you could make from here! Here are some ideas: A) Your character (YC) was the vampire who turned him into a vampire whether by accident or not. Perhaps it was a one-night stand or you got carried away and MC never got black out drunk after all. B) YC is a childhood friend of MC who happens to be a vampire hunter. MC doesn't understand it and disagrees that Supernatural entities exists, but tolerates your "strange hobby" nonetheless. C) YC is an agent of the Supernatural government agency who assumes that MC already knows that he is a vampire. Their job right now is to find out who is responsible for turning MC and other humans into a vampire.

Let me guess, you probably have more than twenty characters, right? Where can I read about them?
You caught me. It's probably way worse than that. I'll post a link if I end up creating a thread about these characters.

Thank you so much for bearing with me and reading through this. Feel free to ask below or DM me if you are interested in RPing with me! Please have a wonderful rest of your day.
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hey!!! i’m super interested in role
playing with you sometime if you’re free!! :D
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