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500 years ago a flash freeze wiped out vast swathes of this stunningly beautiful worlds populations. Temperatures plummeted to such a degree that the ornate structures and buildings of the people who lived on this usually temperate world, fractured and crumbled. They were not prepared for such extremes of weather, and in the crisis lost three quarters of their population.

On the main continent an area known as the Freelands became one of the first to stabilise after the 200 year desolation. The cities were lost what hadn’t fallen or been reclaimed by nature was held by the vampire families who had infact successfully hibernated for most of the prolonged winter. What humans remained had been scattered, first driven nderground into the magicore thermal tunnels that had originally been used to heat the cities and larger towns. These too had gradually cooled but it happened slowly giving the residents time to adjust and adapt. After the thaw they moved out of the Vampire territories and travelling East began building small and scattered townships. Heavily fortified, the residents were a hardy , resourceful and suspicious lot. They had to be, because although moving out of the cities free’d them from the grasp of the Vampire families, it put them in direct competition for land and territory with the ancient Werewolf clans of the East.

The two most prominent Clans in the region and the ones all others conceded two were the CarraighDu Clan of the North, led by the Govannons and the Solatia Clan of the South, led by ——. The boundary of their territories met in the eastern plains and was highly contested and the sight of many a bloody battle. More recently though a larger threat has forced The two Clans and all their individual pack families to agree to a truce until a Dire council meet can be held.
The threat? Human hunters. Having discovered a new power source they have started roaming the territories in rolling armoured caravans, attempting to capture werewolves.


The Black Mountains Clan are the last pack of Red wolves to have been seen anywhere since before the freeze, they are a hardy and resilient breed and they need to be, for their territory is equally hard and unforgiving. Breathtaking and striking The black mountain range surrounds the free lands on the Northern and Eastern borders. The lower slopes are densely populated with broad blue pine trees. These forests are as unforgiving as the rest of the landscape, holding an ancient enchantment that anyone who bears the forest ill will shall never return. The spirits of this forest are not evil, but like nature they are red in tooth and claw. So if you enter there with weakness in your heart expect never to return.

This has been the home to theGovannon and their kin for as long as anyone can remember, Jack an Renee are the Alpha pair of the CarrraighDu Clan. They also hold their positions on the Dire Council, the Dire Council are called when a greater enemy threatens all the packs. each Pack has a representative on the council.


Solatia was once a beautiful and magical land untouched by civilization!
A forest of colors, luscious and bountiful in it's growing. Flowers and plants of all kinds would blossom here. The air fresh and thick with the magnificent scents of the never ending touch of nature surrounding.
Animals of all kinds took shelter in the forest, lived in true harmony, the circle of life was abundant and perfectly shown.

A pack of mystical wolves originally stumbled upon the forest as they traveled the world in search of their promised lands. A paradise they were foreseen to take rest and make a new home. At first, it was just a scouting party and they returned to their full pack. Upon returning, the whole group had arrived and it became obvious these were no normal wolves. They were a pack of shape-shifting wolves, able to turn from animal to human when they wished. Not all were capable of this though, some simply were wolves who had joined the group on their travels.
With time, this pack grew stronger, their ranks grew more and a diversity came to their family.

However this peaceful life came to an abrupt end when Humans later stumbled upon the lands, they found deep within the forest a rare element named "Octiron", it's nickname however was "The Worlds Heart". Believed to be a resource that should only be available at the core of the planet. Finding such a large quantity here, they decided to make base, the humans used their mysterious ways to erect large buildings within the core of the forest. A tunnel system through the forest and had begun in no time to excavate the rare ore.

The pack were cautious at first, not wanting to bring danger to their homes but within days realized their mistakes. They were pushed to the outskirts, fighting every day with hunters for survival or to try and force the intruders away, the forest showed it's pain as more Octiron was mined away on a daily basis. It took what felt like a centuriy before the invading force felt they had depleted the land of it's resource. The pack finally managed to chase them out, casualties had happened and a deep resentment for humans had been born across the pack.

The city they had built ended up being too large for the land, the deep cavernous hole of depleted ores below collapsed, causing everything to sink deep into the forest's core once more, the tall buildings barely reached the ground level anymore and the lake which surrounded the city now cascaded down into a beautiful set of waterfalls, the forest was taking back it's land and had begun to emerge through the city, trees filling buildings, flowers blooming and the world was trying to hide Mankind's disgusting tampering. Like a gash was starting to finally heal after years of damage.

Solatia was born, the pack decided it a fitting name for their home and took back the land for themselves, they had years of work ahead to rebuild the paradise that was lost to them and refused to let the forest suffer any longer than it already had done!

It has been said many times, a young girl could be seen in the forest, ethereal and yet beautiful beyond words, sweet and full of innocence. Her appearance was rare and depending on how the forest was being treated, she could be seen happy and giddy, or full of sorrow.. She is Konohana, the soul and spirit of the forest. Depicted in tales as a princess of nature.

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4967A648-6A8A-4E2A-A910-670C89FC6D06.png Base Claim: Brock O'hurn
SPECIES: Direwolf Shifter

Thee, Thi or "T"

28 Years old
Birthday - September 27th

Strong, athletic and muscular
Chestnut Brown long hair
Aqua Blue eyes

Thiazi believes that everything in the world, the world itself even has a soul or a spirit occupying them. The earth, the forest, the sea and everything in between.
Though he hates the idea of gods and deities, he acknowledges their existence.

Soon to be Alpha

Freshly cut grass and often the rain.

Deep, persuasive and alluring. Full of power and authority.

No piercings or tattoos, Thiazi has however got his fair share of battle scars. Claw scars along his back, Circular moon patterns where he had been bitten in battle.

Thiazi has his human and direwolf forms.

Thiazi is a natural leader, it allows him to bring out the best in other people, to motivate and push them when they need the help.
He also has a strong sense of belonging making it easy for him to connect with others, whether friends of team members, personal or just friendly.
He is always willing to take criticism, is a very humble person, never overestimating himself or underestimating others. This means he isn't the kind of man who will foolishly run in head first thinking he will never lose a fight, he is cautious and creative, always prepared for the worst.

Thiazi is energetic, adventurous and confident. He suffers from PTSD and some anxiety issues but is always willing to throw himself into everything with full motivation. A kind and caring man, charming and observant, dependable and trusting.
He can however sometimes be impulsive and without meaning to be, rude and insensitive when suffering his own problems.

He often unconsciously chews on the inside of his cheek to the point of bleeding. He doesn't smoke and will drink from time to time but another trait some people find annoying is his palette of taste. Preferring bitter foods to sweet.
Reading is a way to fill in the void of empty time in his eyes and when he isn't reading or working, he can often be seen tending to nature.
He also loves to spend his time in the outside world, camping or fishing though unlike most, he will sleep rough and when fishing, he will fashion a spear or trident and go for a more hands on approach rather than sitting with a line and spool.

Human to wolf shifting.
Extreme strength and speed.
Affinity to earth - A strong affinity to earth allows him to manipulate the element to his needs. Using this excessively can be very taxing to his energy and stamina.
- He is a natural warrior, able to adjust and fight in any situation or with any weapon provided.
- His senses are heightened, especially his sense of hearing and smell.
- The way his family age is slower than others. What is seen as one year to other people, it similar to a month or so to him. His family live longer lives this way and yet always seem young and healthy.
- Advanced healing
- Thiazi is skilled at all sports he has tried. His hand to eye coordination can't be rivaled and he has always been naturally talented.

Thiazi is extremely strong physically and mentally.
He is fast and moves with such fluid motions that some could even say that he is elegant considering he has such a large frame.
He has some affinity with nature, able to help it strive and grow stronger than usual.
He is understanding and kind, but not the type to have the wool pulled over their eyes.
He is optimistic and open to others
Positive and kind, charming and sweet.
A natural athlete. Reading
Spear/Trident fishing
Training and helping others

- Thiazi's weakness is Mistletoe. As a plant it can make him ill but fashioned into a weapon, it has the ability to kill him.
- Other means of killing Thiazi would include Fire. Much like the nature he surrounds himself in. Fire has a way of killing him like it does a tree or plant.
- His ankle though hidden well, was once shattered during a ceremony to the gods and though it healed quickly due to his healing abilities, it didn't heal perfectly right. Making it weak at times.
- Thiazi also suffers PTSD, this includes night terrors, sleep paralysis and many other symptoms that could render him useless.
- He also has a phobia of heights.. Great heights will have him nervous and even cause him to freeze up however every chance he gets, he challenges himself with his own fears
- Another weakness though not fatal, is the loss of his daughter. The memory of her can reduce him to a weakened state, sometimes even rendering him unable to move or fight or think straight. Though he has accepted the situation, it had happened many years ago and yet, he remembers it so very clearly.

Generally, Thiazi is a gentle soul, he cares for the world around him and the people. His love for nature shows daily, his home is surrounded by lush greenery and the surrounding areas are rich and abundant where nature flourishes!
Though, kind and gentle, Thiazi also has a warrior's heart. He is protective of his friends and family.. Considering those who follow him to be family and tries hard to look out for them all. He can sometimes have a short fuse, lose his temper and this will show this without fear but more often than not, it will be followed by an apologetic manner if he feels his anger was not necessary.

Being that of a warrior, he isn't just brawn and no brains. Thiazi has a vast mind and though he often acts like a locked box, keeping his emotions and thoughts close to his chest, he will challenge himself with problems to keep his wits about him.

Thiazi is also quite a silent person. He will often be seen walking through the woods whether it be in his wolf form or his human state. He is like a grounds keeper as well as the leader. Expecting others too to respect the land they live off.
His mind often reminiscing on the loss of his daughter and the betrayal of his wife many a year ago.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

The Rain and especially Snow
The thrill of a long hunt
Old myths and stories
Teaching and helping others to grow and learn
Being surrounded by those he considers family and friends

Modern capitalism
The concept of Gods and Goddesses
Extreme heats
Being ignored or lied to
Losing those he cares about
Remembering only the painful memories

As a young boy, Thiazi was taught to respect the land around him. His mother a kind a nuturing woman, always filled with happiness and love. She had her quirks and a unique air around her but in general everyone loved and cherished her presense. His father was the one who previously ruled the kingdom. He was strong willed and much like Thiazi is now, he was clever and fierce but his care for nature wasn't quite as strong as his care for their followers.

His mother had named him after a great Norse myth, a famous shifter who used his abilities to change into every animal possible to train his daughter into a perfect hunter. Her fame as a hunter grew greater even than Odin's and out of jealousy, he planned a competition to hunt a golden hawk. She had won, killing the Hawk before Odin could but upon presenting the creature, Odin only laugh as he revealed it was no hawk but her own father. Thiazi. Skadi the huntress later married a god of the sea but his mother often spoke that Thiazi had a secret son.
She often insisted her blood was from the same as the famous shifter and yet, he never really believed her. Her stories often spoke the hardships and betrayals that the gods performed so he found nothing but hatred for the concept of a god or goddess.

As he grew, he continued to learn about the land around him, his father taught him to fight, trained him every day whilst his mother too trained him in other aspects. Life was simple, they continued to rule and as he grew older, he found a partner of his own. A beautiful woman who at first was a stranger to their lands. Her ways were unknown and many distrusted her. Thiazi made the effort to learn more, he was intrigued by her beauty! Being the only one to show any real kindness, it wasn't long before the two were together. His father demanded he not be with her,demanded she be taken from the lands but he could not accept, instead the two fled together, he left behind his loving parents and the kingdom that was to be his own.

Thiazi and his love, Tori, settled in a lone land, she told him stories of her origins but he never expected that she had been lying to him, covering up her past with a layer of betrayal. As life continued, they were gifted with the love of a daughter! Astrid!
Their home felt complete and his regrets left with the arrival of such a young one who could steal his heart so easily.
Tori however grew scared, she seemed overly protective of their daughter and when he finally confronted her, she admitted that her first daughter was already "claimed" by some old debt she owed. She had fled her home in hopes of never finding love, when that plan fell through, she hoped not to get pregnant.. Again, another ruined plan. At this point her every hope was that they would have a son.

Furios to find out, Thiazi wanted the two to return to his home lands, seek the aid of his father but she refused. She tried to take their child and flee in the middle of the night.. Her foolishness and suddenly unstable mind had cost them her and her daughter's life however. In her confusion, the night had swallowed their already dangerous path. Losing her footing, Tori and Astrid were lost to him forever, only their mangled bodies were found as proof when he woke the next morning.

Anger and depression coursed through Thiazi's mind after this, he returned to his father's kingdom where the news of his mother's death too had hit him. Guilt now filled his heart just as much as the depression and anger. Everything was wrong with the world, everthing he loved he had lost, his father pushed through with such ease it seemed and here he was, a wreck of his former self. With the aid of his father, and the numerous years it took, Thiazi was able to recover from the losses, able to push through and though he changed considerably, he was much stronger than he had been.

His father had gotten to that age however, the leadership of their kingdom was passed down to Thiazi whilst he went for what they reffered to as their "Eternal Hunt". The elders of his clan would leave, hunting for their paradise in the afterlife. It was a way so others wouldn't feel sorrow for their deaths, much like Schrodinger's cat, the participant could be considered neither and yet both dead and alive.
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First name:
Surname: Govannon
Nicknames: Ren
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Werewolf
Marital Status: Forsworn (Betrothed to YC)
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Role: Alpha heir.
05cc176c578098e07125d3c4d6421ddd.jpg add079bd15b96c85e2b95f788541ddad.jpg

Quite, certain, can be a liitle caustic.
Eyes: Turquoise blue
Complexion: Fair
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 127lbs
Build: lean, muscular but still feminine.
Hair: hangs below her shoulders, unruly, red.
Tattoos/markings: Scar over her left eye.

Quiet, solitary, doesn't suffer fools.
Hopes: A safe future for her Clan.
Fears: Hunters and losing her family.
Likes: Time spent alone, hunting, her own company,
Dislikes: Being a member of the Dire council, being Forsworn, Hunters,, the other Clans.


Hightened senses

Wolfsbane (plant)
Short fuse
Blood Lust if she reaches berserk during battle she can't distinguish friend from foe.

Natural affinity--Ability to read her surroundings, including recent past events.

Sixth sense-- The ability to read another's intentions.


The second youngest of 6 siblings. The only girl of five brothers has taught her to hold her own.
Her oldest two brothers are dead. Max died at the hands of hunters. Riordan died in the last Clans war.
Remaining Family members are.

Jack & Renee - Father & Mother And the Alphas of the CarraighDu Clan.

Conwy--Brother 30
Bran - - Brother 28
Arwyn--Brother 22

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