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Ah, the wonders of darkness! The primal nature of mankind, one that we conceal and ignore! The forbidden knowledge that just begs to be discovered! The cosmic horrors that would drive one to otherworldly insanity! The beauty of flesh and gloriousness of death itself!


You're treading the dark and foreboding path, my friend. But if it's the dark side you prefer - welcome home.


How taboo are we talking?

Well, my dear friend, I promise I will do my best to waste as least amount of time I possibly can. The taboos I'm referring to cover both the sexual part, as well as the topics: The occult, dark philosophies of life and death, endlessness of space, messed up ritual practices, blood and lots of blood, the inhuman nature, cannibalism and body horror, so much suffering, incest, warped morality and primal nature of all living things. Sin. So much filth and sin.

As for sexual - well, everything we've mentioned above, just far more perverse and depraved, something that would make you sweat like a sinner in church... You know you're doing something wrong, but you're enjoying it. Aside from that, plenty of taboo fetishes are included in this. But I will get to the specifics later on, so you know with what you'll be dealing with.

Story and smut

I adore and need both of these aspects. So in case you're someone who only does fade to black, I'll have to kindly let you down and tell you that we won't work. But if you're also someone who wants to jump straight into smut as soon as the roleplay starts, I'll have to burst your bubble, as well. I see no point if I'm just going to write a lot of smut without enticing story and character development. While I'm always excited to get ridiculously down and dirty, I'm here to go on an adventure. So please keep that in mind!

You could say that I write erotica, not smut. So, in conclusion, I like a juicy 50-50 when it comes to story and smut, I don't mind 60-40 ratio either. Just wanted to point it out!

Limits, triggers and all that?

I'd say the only thing that would bother me is to have a character of mine to be sexually brutalized and raped. I do not enjoy non-con content whatsoever. However, violence, abuse, heavy profanity, drugs and other very heavy subjects some people might find a bit sensitive does not apply for me. Those themes are okay with me and relevant for dark storytelling. On the topic of rape, I don't mind it being mentioned "off-screen" but anything written in detail will make me want to end whatever partnership we've built.

When it comes to my limits with kinks and fetishes, it's mostly just the classic gross stuff such as scat, vomit, piss, shit and things like that. As for anything else, especially if it's a very specific kind of a kink, you'll have to ask me directly. Out of 100% kinks I've done in writing, I've only rejected 10% of them.

Favorite sexy content

Honestly, I like a lot of things, it's just about the way it is delivered. I adore a great slowburn, with a lot of intense teasing and depravation to the point of begging. So basically a lot of foreplay and even sexual sessions with characters that result without a happy ending (aka they don't fuck, they just tease each other to near point insanity or finish each other off by hand.) Just a lot of sensuality and tension really gets me off. But then again, there are appropriate scenarios for some extremely primal rutting, just absolutely messy and filthy, the kind one can only dream about. And oh yeah, I like messy a lot. Blood, sweat, saliva, feminine secrete of arousal (maybe even menstrual blood if you're that kinky, I will let you indulge,) precum and of course cum. Also, sexual scenes in risky places and situations where they under threat of being caught, especially in case this is about a forbidden romance.

And lastly, I play switch characters often, however, I do not enjoy writing dommes often. I prefer partners who are dominants, or at least switches who lean towards the dominant role.

Allow me to inspire and entice you some more with a whole list of dirty things we can write about. This way you can at least tell me if there's some things you don't want to do.

Note: I just want to say that not all of my characters would be into same things. I treat them as individuals rather than extensions of myself. Which is why I'll make specific lists for my characters and shit that they're into and not into.

  • Vanilla and fluffy romantic stuff - aftercare, love making, sensual stuff, and all that. All when it's conveniently built up to the point.
  • Rough and primal sex - just mindless rutting that is dirty to the core. All when it's conveniently built up to the point.
  • Switch leaning towards submissive - this has been elaborated, I prefer partners who are either fully dominant or play a switch who leans towards dominant
  • Sadism and masochism - I will play in both of these categories. The limits will vary and should be discussed (it's different when you play with humans and when you play with vampires, who take pain much better)
  • Dry crotch humping and rubbing
  • Order MC what to do
  • I will play both an obedient submissive and an uppity brat, you choose
  • Fingers in mouth
  • Depravity and desperation
  • Clothes malfunction and risky sex - all happening in places and stations it shouldn't be happening.
  • Fingering and rubbing
  • Dirty talking
  • Healthy dose of degradation and humiliation
  • Orgasms achieved without penetration
  • Oral pleasuring - both giving and receiving
  • Watch MC masturbate - in secret, given as an order or just YC watching her without her knowing
  • Dual masturbation - our characters doing it together as a form of teasing or foreplay
  • Bloodplay, blood drinking (a lot of vampire stuff) and many other things involving blood
  • Sex as a form of dark occult ritual
  • Biting, scratching, hair pulling, choking and tongue play
  • Mirrors and looking at the reflection as the characters are getting into it
  • MxFxM - I'd be willing to do a FxMxF only if I get the other one in turn
  • BDSM - ESPECIALLY bondage, I'm into medium intensity of the BDSM practices
  • Aphrodisiac - be it something they eat or drink or maybe some different, unnatural effects

Me vs You

Now, you have read about the themes I'm interested in, the adult content in writing, all that's left is to discuss what I offer as a writer, what I expect from you, and finally my desired plots! So I'll make this part short and easy! Everything that is written in normal font is about what I have to offer, everything written in bold is targeted at my potential partner, what my ideal writing partner would be!

  • Multi paragraph to novella sized posts, I will AT LEAST write 2 paragraphs in case it's a specific scenario in the roleplay - This is the same effort I'd want to see from my partner.
  • The devil is in the details and I like to be as detailed as I can without being too overwhelming - Same effort I'd like to see from my partner.
  • I post once a week, sometimes it might take me a bit longer, but I'll keep in touch with you, I am also break/hiatus friendly because we're adults and responsibilities will always be a priority and sometimes you just don't have energy to write - Yup, same goes to you!
  • OOC communication and keeping up the hype - I adore partners who can keep up the conversation and hype around our roleplay and just share ideas.
  • Open-minded, with little limits and love for taboo themes - We won't fit in case you are not on board with this point.
  • I make more than just one character, either it's another main character or a side character that will serve their purpose - In order for the roleplay to feel like it has depth, I'd very much prefer my partner does the same.
  • I always use faceclaims, be it real people references or fine art, I also use images for all sorts of things tied to the roleplay (like environment, clothing, aesthetic, etc.) - The least I expect from you is to use a faceclaim for your character, just please no anime/manga characters.
  • Lastly, I'm 25 years old - I would prefer like A LOT if you're 21+ years old.
  • I exclusively play female characters and mostly MxF pairings. However, if we have more pairings in the story, I'd be open to do a FxA pairing, as well - Your gender identity will not affect my choice in writing with you, as long as you will play a male main character. Side characters are not as important, and like I've mentioned, I'd be open to play a FxA pairing as long as the main pair is FxM.

Okay, that wasn't so hard, now was it? But, here's a last point before we move on to the plots!

I'm into detailed, enthusiastic introduction messages! If you like what you see, please give me a juicy message and address things from this thread. I think, after putting so much attention and effort into making this thread, I deserve something from you in turn. If you say something like "Wanna rp?" or "I saw your thread, is it open?" and mediocre like that, I won't respond and consider your request valid. Pour your passion all over the message and throw me some food for thought! I need to feel that sort of a "click" the first message I read from you.



I'm only currently looking for these types of plots, so in case you have any suggestions, please stick to the similar nature of the plots, given that this is exactly what I feel like writing! Hopefully it's enough to entice you!

But here are a couple of themes I'd LOVE to tackle with you, so in case something inspires you or sparks an idea, please let me know!​
  • Secret societies and their dark, immoral practices
  • Occultism
  • Incest
  • Vampirism
  • Political intrigues and plenty of drama
  • Dark sexual content
  • Playing characters that might not be that moral
  • Victorian London type of a plot
Thriller, crime, dark comedy, intruder and stalking, Stockholm syndrome, murders, blackmail, and so on

Kink requirements: Dirty talking, phone sex, dual masturbation, aphrodisiac, intense teasing and fucking/orgasm denial, blackmail, bondage and other BDSM activities, knife play

So this would basically be similar to the Scream movie that wouldn't be exactly taken way too seriously, but still has a lot of dark stuff happening, make it a bit intense.

The idea I have is that MC is in college, senior year (21 yo) and for around a year, she's been getting mysterious notes from a secret admirer that is a little bit weird. Charming, but weird. I'd like to go with a "goth gf" route, that vibe is calling to me. First the notes were left at her locker or at her desk at the university, but now suddenly the notes were coming to her house, whoever this was, knew where she lived. Slightly concerning.

One night she gets a call from an unknown number while she's drinking beer or something and watching netflix on her laptop, and it is YC. What she doesn't know is that her drink had been spiked with a strong aphrodisiac and that the mysterious called is right outside her window in the darkness, watching her. He has a very specific voice and introduces himself to her as the secret admirer and doesn't exactly want to show himself yet to her, but soon would start to dirty talk her. The effects of the aphrodisiac would begin to really set in, and all the things he's saying to her will begin to affect her and MC will start to play along and play with herself, everything YC will indulge in watching.

She eventually brushes this off, unaware she was being watched, until she comes home from a long night of partying and finds a new set of lingerie on her bed. She immediately gets a call from the mystery man who wants to have another round of phone sex, however, this time he's demanding for poses and so forth, because he's filming her. Kinda horny herself, she complies and plays along.

But the next time, she doesn't get a call. She comes home and all the power is out, only to be met with a masked man who wields a knife and corners her. She is reasonably afraid, but he tells her that he's the secret admirer and he couldn't wait to see her in person. He gets very touchy with her, but ultimately they don't fuck. She only learns that he's filming everything that she's doing and if she doesn't comply the next time they see each other, he's going to release everything to the public. And he leaves.

After this, he makes sure he has a camera set up and orders her what to do, and injects her with a strong aphrodisiac. He makes her play with herself before the camera while he's watching and getting himself off. The aphrodisiac is so strong that she can't help but to be compliant and desire pleasure badly, and she gets really into it.

In time, she actually will become so into this thrill and danger she wants to fuck this mystery man, but he enjoys having so much control over her and over her pleasure he doesn't want to fuck her so soon, instead he's toying with her, controlling her pleasure and orgasms. Probably playing with her while fingering her, using toys, tying her down and teasing her to insanity, until eventually they finally fuck.

Who is he though? Well, a good twist could be that it's someone she knows, but... Who that might be? More blackmails such as - she needs to kill with him some people in case to keep those videos from surfacing and who knows what other things! You get to also choose a mask for YC and maybe even an outfit to represent his personality! Overall, I think this is a fun idea.

Modern supernatural theme, potential incest, drama, intrigue, vampires, occult and necromancy

The Giovanni family is a renown bloodline - both among the mortals and vampires. As vampires live a concealed life among humans, this Italian family comes from a long lineage of art dealers, merchants and businessmen who have access to all high places. But in the vampire society, Giovanni are a questionable sort, not as nearly as respected. The Giovannis hold no loyalties to the vampire government, instead they hold their occultic secrets secret, as well as their circle of people. They keep their bloodline clean by keeping the family members and all those associated with them close. The inner circle of the family are elder vampires - and every year, all members of the Giovanni family and their close associates to look at their recent contribution to the family name, their loyalties, as well as potential... To see who is the next lucky winner who will get the gift of the Kiss by the head of the family and turn them into powerful creature of the night.

Mortal associates and family members are not aware of their relatives' vampiric condition, but they do know that there's something involved. Religious and occultic practices, perhaps? Or something quite scientific, given that there are scientists in the family. So many successful and rich people, yet so few of them are worthy. And those who get the privilege to enter the inner circle of the family, will be introduced to the new world they could not even imagine, but the core focus of this family of vampires are the occult practices of Necromancy and toying with the spirits and the dead.

It's that time of the year again - the head of the family wants to introduce the new worthy Giovanni member to the inner circle, and the masquerade is held in the glorious Giovanni mansion as everyone gathers with the hops that they're the next one who will be invited to the inner circle. Sometimes, this party might last for a week in case the decision might take some time. In the meantime, we can play this whole masquerade with lots of drama and intrigue, blackmailing other family members in order to stain their reputation and eliminate them from ever joining the inner circle. Once the party is over, the story is going to focus on the supernatural life - the new system of how things function and the greater existential horrors that exist beyond mortal comprehension. Place where morality and ethical practices no longer exist, a cruel existence filled with conflicts, war and bloodshed.

Our characters

One of our characters might be a member of the family who have their hopes high with their achievements and are certain that they will be picked by the inner circle. Also the role of someone in the inner circle is open to be filled up for more tension, given that I would greatly prefer we have more characters (of course, while focusing on one pairing, but why limit ourselves?)

I have some ideas for my characters, I might use at least one of them in case you like them:

Would love to do this one in an incestual setting - One is a member of the inner circle, however, she has not joined because she had deserved it. But because her life was saved by the head of the family. She is viewed as the black sheep, given that she is not a successful family member and she's also not classy - she's a stunning goth big booty and big tiddy gf, compared to the rest of the stuck up, elegant family members, she sticks out like a sore thumb. However, her expertise in occult and other practices saved her from being shunned away from the family. She's really good at what she does to the point where she became a mercenary for other vampires who cannot eliminate problems with the dead and spirits. Only the Giovanni have those powers and MC is the only one willing to put those powers to use. However, there are whispers about MC that she's a real slut. And, well, she is. She's an absolute nymphomaniac that needs to have sex every day. If she can't get some dick that day, she'll have to find a release by herself. Despite the distaste towards her, few men from the family (head of the family, cousins, brothers, maybe even her own father, depends) saw her beauty and attractiveness and had their ways with her, although its kept as a strict secret from other family members. She has a ravenous sexual appetite and wears immortal men out. YC can be a member of the family who gets involved with her in this way, whether he's new to the family or even the head himself. She'll serve whoever she is pleasing, she is a submissive woman who loves to be degraded, on her knees and just fucked in the roughest way possible, which makes this fact that it's done through incest even dirtier. Or we can do something with her that is completely uninvolved with incest altogether.

Second character idea is someone who is very much involved with the inner circle, but she's not a vampire, nor a human. She is a ghoul - enslaved by a vampire who had made her drink her blood. She is not enslaved by anyone from the family, oh no. She works for a powerful vampire in the government and she was assigned to keep an eye out on the Giovannis. However, someone in the inner circle has arranged MC to be there as a ploy to betray the head of the family due to some disagreements. MC hates being a ghoul and being a slave, but she has no choice but to listen to the orders of her mistress. Her role is to play pretend as their servant and connection to an outside force that greatly benefits the family. This traitorous act by someone from the inner circle is like a ticking time bomb - something bad will happen.

Third character idea is for the newcomer and a potential new member of the family. She's not exactly related, but she is associated with the family. A new successful actress, extremely charismatic and not as nearly as naive as the rest of the mortal counterparts. She will be ruthless in the game in order to enter the inner circle. And once she becomes finally a part of the family - her obsession with the occult will be frightening. It would be ideal if YC was kinda fucked up, a possible sociopath who would enable bad behaviors and so forth. I feel like that'd make quite the dynamic.

Do you like any of these suggestions? Do you have any ideas of your own regarding this plot? Please share!

You will recognize some details here that are based on Vampire the Masquerade lore. I presented it as an original plot to give a chance to people who like this idea but are unfamiliar with the lore to write with me, as I do plan to keep it as simplistic as possible. But if you're familiar with VtM, then I fully intend to write in that universe!
Vampire the Masquerade lore, supernatural, modern setting, Los Angeles

I'll keep it short and sweet. This one is about betraying Camarilla and joining the Sabbat. The main plot is in Los Angeles as the Final Nights are nearing and tension brewing in the vampire community. Gehenna is on the lips of nearly every Kindred, as the tension only seemed to be fueled by the intense presence of the Thin-blood vampires that signify the end. The Prince is beginning to show the signs of agitation and the Sabbat have sniffed the vulnerability in the Camarilla structure. The Shovelheads are now smarter and stronger than before. They learned where to hit the Tower - and it is from within. More plot can be added, but this is just putting it simple.

MC is a closely associated with the Prince, as she works as a Harpy for the Camarilla. An actress and an influential figure, MC is a Toreador who thrives in power and attention she has. However, a woman like her being in this game for as long as she has had really bored her to the death. She is not quite like your typical Toreador. As the matter of fact - she's worse. What she deems glorious and beautiful is monstrous and primal, understanding the nature of a vampire is to be far from a human - but a true predator that wears human skin. She glorifies the clan of Tzimisce in secret while maintaining her pristine facade in the presence of the Camarilla. There's a certain cruelty in MC that is downright unusual and quite petrifying. But nothing entices her more than the nature of Sabbat. How they embrace what they truly are. Monsters. While she still worked for the Prince, MC shifted a lot of attention to the Sabbat, seduced by their wild and inhuman nature... If only she could be among them.

Her story revolves around, for the start, working for the Camarilla until some series of events bring her closer to the Sabbat more than ever. YC, a member of this dark sect, in some shape or form catches on to the Toreador's interest and due to her position in the Camarilla, he sees her as a perfect tool to use against the Tower. He is a vampire who is foreboding and powerful, begins to seduce MC, slowly introducing her to the darkest acts she only dreamed about. Diablerie, orgies, bloodbaths, all the disgusting taboos becoming a normal standard, until he introduces MC to the occult. What I'd also think would be great, in order to make this a slowburn, is to have maybe a love interest of sorts from the Camarilla, a person who is a last thread to the Camarilla society for MC, until that ultimately is gone. I really want MC's introduction to the Sabbat (that being when she meets your Sabbat character in person) to feel big and relevant, but I think that'd be best painted with a contrast of what kind of life MC leads in the Camarilla. But this is optional and open for further discussion!
Victorian London style fantasy, dark thriller, drama and intrigue, kidnapping and hostage situation

The political society in this fictional place is extremely tyrannical and only favors the wealthy. YC is not among them. Perhaps he had a very up close and personal conflict with the political and noble figures of the society or maybe he simply despises the noblemen and wants to see the world burn, but YC became quite the boogeyman among the aristocrats. He killed the nobles and left a specific mark so they are aware that, whoever is cutting them down, its always the same man who does it. How did this unknown human being manage to pass security and kill such a renown person of the society? Whoever it is must be quite dangerous. And the security at nighttime are far more wearier of the dangers that lurk around the misty, dark corner.

MC is a daughter of a powerful female politician in the family and she is also quite a known public figure. MC might be perhaps a respected artist, maybe even an actress, a writer or starting her journey as a political figure like her mother, but overall, MC is a woman with a clean reputation and is quite beloved. But in reality, she is very manipulative and also a woman with an appetite for danger. She's far from pure, while women of the society are expected to be prudes, MC is far from it.

Through some circumstances, YC manages to get his hands on MC when she is being careless and separating herself from the crowd and he holds her hostage. Now, he might have a personal issue with MC's family, especially her mother, so he doesn't intend to kill her immediately. Or he might try to kill her, but she stops him.

Regardless, MC manages to talk YC's ear off by telling him information or whatever he needed in order to keep herself alive now that she's in a powerless position. However, when she feels the cold steel of his knife against her throat or graze over her cleavage, MC's heart races with morbid excitement, especially after he roughs her up before that and ties her to a chair. It's when she begins to flirt with him and insinuate all sorts of sexual things. Danger excites her and there's nothing more dangerous than when your life is on the line.

Eventually, they should come to an agreement (along with YC's threats) that she will pass on important information to him that is tied to the political world and YC, with his reputation among the lowlives of the society, might manage to start up a revolution against the nobles and politicians. This might put MC in a tricky position though, considering it's not something she thought about.

I am interested in this type of dynamic and I also imagine that their sex is going to be brutal and rough, with BDSM elements, especially when a woman that is rich and reputable is powerless and in the mercy of someone who is extremely dangerous. I would prefer this story to have a good focus on side characters for the sake of good story development!
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Feud of Kings -
Family drama, kidnapping, political intrigue, Game of Thrones-esque, fantasy

Note: YC can be of a different fantasy race, if you wish!

YC is the prince, a son among the other sons, who doesn't have to be necessarily the next in line to be the king, but among his brothers, he is well-versed in fighting. He can be the favorite son with a lot of pressure and high standards put on him, or he can be the problematic son who is rebellious and does things his own way despite what his parents want, it is entirely up for you to choose his position in the family. But he has a mission - his father, the king, has started a war with his old friend, another king, that being MC's father, for unclear reasons. True, there has been political tension in the past decade or so, but the decision to start a war was quite surprising. Still, nobody can deny king's orders, so his capable sons would be sent off to prove themselves worthy strategists and warriors/knights by conquering the kingdom. However, YC's father made it clear - don't kill the king. One can only be the true victor when the opposing party admits the defeat. There's no victory or honor killing a man by force - that is not the true display of power. And for a prince to bring a king to such a position would heavily boost YC's reputation and credibility in the eyes of his father and the people, as well.

MC is the oldest daughter and second oldest child in the family. Only getting along with her older brother and youngest sister, she hasn't been having too much luck in being accepted in father's kingdom, especially because of the way she looked and what it meant to her late mother's kingdom. Blood red hair and golden eyes were not common features one would find, but in the legends of her mother's kingdom, that was the pure bloodline of extinct dragons and MC is the last woman to have the features that indicated fiery blood, next to her living uncle. And living in cold north in her father's kingdom, she cannot fit in, especially not after her mother's death. Looking so much like his late wife, the king in the north cannot stand his daughter, seeing her as a form of an impostor. Rumors circulated within the castle walls that the king has gone mad, but no one ever confirmed it, given that the symptoms of his madness are unusual. Some even went as far as to blame magic, even though the existence of it is only a superstition.

With her dear older brother being the next in line to be the king and also a knight, he taught her swordfighting in secret, which was extremely frowned upon in the north for women to practice any type of fighting, however, little did she know it'll serve her great use...

When the kingdom is sieged by YC and his army, they will manage to break through and get to the castle to face the king after breaking down his defenses and force him to surrender. But this will be the first time the king will show some form of instability - he will throw his sons into a battle he knew will cost them their lives just so he doesn't admit defeat.

The oldest son steps in to fight YC to protect his own father, the two will match in with their power, but MC's brother will already be exhausted at this point and at a clear disadvantage. This is where MC will storm out with her own sword, without armor, to defend her brother with her life and spare him of their father's madness in mighty rage. YC realizing that he cannot kill the king, given that those were the orders, in the heat of the moment decides its best to (easily) defeat the inferior princess in a spar and take her away, with hopes that the king will drop the act there.

However, YC ends up dragging the angry princess away without the king even bothering to stop him and deciding to present her as an optional bargaining (perhaps even a blackmailing) tool against the king, given that her father would not admit defeat, even after he's been stripped off of everything. It should be easy, right? The king's army was defeated, the kingdom was left in ruin, he just needed to be pushed further in order to finally admit defeat. But things are not the way they seem.

She's being held captive in YC's kingdom, how she would be treated there is open for interpretation. At first, MC will be absolutely furious with YC for doing what he's done to her, but also for hurting her brother. The princess is a woman with a vicious tongue and fiery anger, and with the position she is in, she's not pleasant to deal with (who would be?) Their dynamic is open for us to interpret. But also, while she is there, truths of their fathers' relationships and reasons to why this war was necessary to start in this way will unfold themselves. Truth about MC's bloodline and the mysteries behind her kingdom will slowly reveal themselves, as well as many other elements we wish to touch on and add! I am more than happy to discuss all the ideas for a very interactive and deep story!

Bound by Blood -

Taboo, forbidden romance, fantasy steampunk, possible supernatural themes, I'd prefer to use this picture for their faceclaims, I have more images of them

A rich artists and a very powerful female politician had a loveless and fruitless marriage, but with such high status and no children to pass on their legacy, the two agreed for once to adopt a child. However, once paying a visit to the orphanage, the two twins caught the eye of the rich couple. There is a strong belief among their people that people with red hair, who are extremely rare, actually bring good luck. While the couple wanted just one child, they couldn't separate the twins from one another and they ended up adopting them both.

The two parents were quite awful at their role of guardians, but the twins were also quite mischievous too. They have always been inseparable and when their parents were busy, the two would take one another's clothing and pretend that they're each other just to confuse the staff around the house. They've grown up very close, being one another's family, but it was later in their adulthood when their caring closeness has began to feel slightly inappropriate. Nothing quite outright, however they tend to get a bit touchy and too close for siblings. And whenever they're not running their errands and working, the two would be seen at parties, socializing and charming everyone around them, but constantly be around each other.

While they never uttered it to each other, but there's an underlying obsession between the twins that slowly began to turn into sexual tension. But it all started with one spying the other while the siblings is bathing or preparing for bed. The voyeuristic tendencies prove to be fruitful as the brother can observe his sister indulge in herself. But all this spying would prove eventually to be quite burdensome, as this leads to stronger hidden desires and the twins begin to dream about one another. The dreams feel so real that they eventually feel impossible to ignore. Not only that, but the twins share the same dreams and at the same time, once they meet in person, it feels like they've truly done something they shouldn't have done.

But they don't indulge, they fight the urges, which makes the sexual tension between the siblings unbearable. However, they begin to treat this wild estrangement with each other like a game when their control begins to slip.

"If we don't touch each other, it's fine." they'd vow to each other as they'd openly watch each other do inappropriate things...

And break the vow.

"If we don't kiss each other, it's fine." they'd make a deal as their touches would slip beneath clothing...

And break that deal.

"If we don't fuck each other, it's fine." they'd decide together as they share their first kiss...

And break yet another vow.

Until there is no filter, no morals, only their secret meetings as they'd hide from their strict parents and the society that would overthrow them for it. They mustn't be discovered.

I do have more ideas for this pairing that are not tied to sexually explicit themes only. Some politics would be involved and even talk of marriage of one of the siblings that needs to be sent of elsewhere at one point in the story. But the twins are so enamored with each other they couldn't simply allow such a thing to happen. There needs to feel like there's a lot at stake here.

If you have some supernatural and magical ideas to add here, do please let me know! And finally - THIS IS A SLOWBURN. THE TWINS HAVE YET TO DISCOVER THAT THEIR OBSESSION IS, IN FACT, VERY UNHEALTHY AND SEXUAL. IT SHOULD BE GRADUAL!!!

When Summer came to Skyrim -
Drama, action, adventure, can go many ways

Everybody knows that the Black-Briar family owns Riften in its palm, Maven was a tyrant despite not being even a thane of the realm. With such connections to the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood and Jarl herself, Maven is untouchable. YC is not only the muscle, the information broker, but he is also the man who makes sure people keep their mouths shut (basically like Maul). He might be directly tied to the Black-Briars or he's member of the family, he's the man nobody wants to mess with and everyone steers clear of him. Whenever there's a new face in town, he makes sure they introduce themselves to him.

Eventually, Riften would get a visitor family welcomed warmly by Jarl, offering them temporary hospitality in Riften during the war in Skyrim. This family is well-known, not just in Skyrim, but across Tamriel. A family of Nords and some mixed bloodlines, they have travelled across Skyrim with their goods and making friends all over the world, especially is Elsweyr and Yokuda. They were an open-minded family and it showed. By the way they acted and dressed, they have involved themselves in different traditions and cultures and adapted some of it. MC has lived her entire life travelling and learning, and this was her first time in Skyrim in years, though she did feel at home as a Nord - even though she got used to the warmth, her Nord blood helped her prevail.

MC is soon going to be the head of the family as the oldest daughter and continued their well-known business in Riften for the time being. Maven saw this family as possible rivals and she wanted to make sure they learn their place. However, the current head of the family, MC's parent, didn't take the threats too seriously, having dealt with all sorts of criminals in their journeys, this was hardly anything new and they made themselves right at home in Riften.

In all this mess during the war, Maven didn't like how comfortable they were and YC would be observing them closely. MC, feeling the weight of her name, would feel the necessity of holding her ground and not allowing anyone to mess with them. Besides, Maven did not have Jarl's support in this - the Jarl actually made sure the family is protected well.

MC, personality vise, comes of as a bit strict and entitled, very hard-headed and all business. She's witty, intelligent, sharp, brutally honest and straight-forward. However, she carries that feminine timidness with her and she became quite popular in Riften really fast for her Nordic beauty and Dibella amulet that she always wears around her neck.

How we take this rp is open to interpretation. I really would like to discuss this with my partner.

Adventures of the unlucky dancer -
Medieval or steampunk fantasy, adventure, slavery and disciplining, action and aventure, drama and romance

The idea I had for my character was for her to be something akin to a Kitsune (Examples for the faceclaim: X - X - X - X - X) although I would make a different story for her race and they wouldn't be solely based on foxes, but other mammals, too. I'd like to make some specific characteristics about the race. She would quite timid but also agile creature, though she will not come from a background where violence is the answer, making her a target for those who prefer to harm others. She is a dancer (something akin to a belly dancer) and a performer.

I have three different storyline, which can be tied into one story with different timelines, or we can just pick one and stick to it. What I am looking for in your character, in all three storylines, is that he is inhuman. Make your own race, it's entirely up to you!

1. MC has left her homeland to master the art of dancing and performing from around the world, with the intention to make something of her own and make a living out of it. However, her race is quite desired and wanted in the people trafficking illegal companies, mostly tied to sex trafficking rings, and the mercenaries spotted her and kidnapped her when the timing was right.

YC, who comes from one of the most superior races in the world and they often show distaste for other races, thinking of them as inferior. And when she is shipped off to YC, he let's her know just exactly how uninterested he is in her well-being. But before he sells her off to someone else, he needs to see what she is capable of, but also to properly discipline her and make sure the slave he's selling is going to be good to her next slave master.

MC, however, is manipulative. She will use her body to her advantage and will go as far as to break those walls. Perhaps soften him up a little bit. That won't be an easy task. In the meantime, he will be getting a lot of money from her when she's performing under his name to other customers. She's not wasting his time. What happens with them? Where will the story go? It's up for discussion.

I do have the idea that ends up selling her to a rich merchant or even a noble, and that he does it with a heavy heart. The second part of this roleplay can easily be tied to the third storyline as a continuation after several years of their parting.

2. The second storyline is the continuation of the first, so if we settle for this one individually, MC's background will be that she used to be slave, but she managed to manipulate her owner to let her go, which made her a free woman. As much as this was a good thing, it was also slightly troublesome - she is back at the square one. She has no money, no nothing.

However, stars don't smile at her, as the owner of a shady locale has his eye on her and she's captured by his goons and is owned illegally. She is forced to perform for the clients that come to this tavern, where she's inappropriately treated on a daily basis, until YC, who is a silver tongued devil and a pirate, doesn't like the fate that befell MC, and proceeds to save her from this madness, but it ends up in a big tavern fight and couple of casualties, both of our characters manage to get away alive.

They can form an interesting relationship, I feel like they're two rogues who kind of milk off each other, which can grow into something more as time progresses. Our characters in this city currently have a poor reputation and they need to get away. Besides, YC is traveling the world as well and he is looking to find something - a legendary treasure. How this storyline goes? It is up to us to decide together!

One of the ideas I have that at the end, they separate, each of them going their own separate ways. But like I said in the first storyline, this story can have a second timeline that is based in third story.

3. Third storyline is also a continuation of both stories in MCs background - she was enslaved twice, got away and went on an adventure for a legendary artifact and once more ended up alone in the biggest city in the world, the city of businesses and opportunities, where she found her own fate, seemingly everything she's been through has paid off.

She works in an internationally famous brothel/spa/tea saloon as a woman that serves costumers both as a waitress and privately in the bedroom, occasionally performing in the brothel for everyone.

If we have done the first storyline, YC the slave master has maybe had some change in career as well or whatever you choose. He visits the brothel, given that it's one of the spots in the city that is well-known and to his shock, he sees how far MC has gotten, after just being bratty slave he needed to discipline. If we did the second storyline, the point is the same. YC has been through a lot and maybe he finally achieved his goals and became wealthy after finding this artifact! With money in his pocket, he decides to treat himself in the well-known brothel, where he will reunite with MC. Where we go from these points? I'm open to discuss!

In case we'll be starting our roleplay from this point, YC can be a noble or a general, someone of high status and is tied to the governmental activities. His family name holds weight in the city, which means that him being discovered in the brothel could stain his reputation, but it's part of his vice and he likes the thrill. And this is where our characters meet, where MC represents this vixen in his life that could ruin everything for him. I'll keep it open-ended for discussions!

Collision and conflict -
The plot is taking place in real or fictional town in the US, that on the surface it seems like a city with very specific tractions (we can figure out if it can be like Chicago, Vega, LA or something entirely we come up with, something with a certain flavor that would make this city attractive and specific.) It is a rather large city that has its own suburban and downtown areas, ports, natural environment and more. The city, offering so many opportunities for businesses, has attracted people from all over the world, so seeing foreign brands from Europe, Asia and even Scandinavia wouldn't be anything new, so the competition is quite strong between the brands, to the point where it literally becomes cutthroat. However, among the locals, it is known that this city is brimming with illegal criminal activities that are perfectly obfuscated on broad daylight. Everyone knows at least one person who's involved in crime, whether they're aware of it or not. It can be small time street gangs, or something far larger and complex than anyone outside of it could understand.

One of the largest organized criminal organizations is actually an Italian family who have settled their foundation since the 1930's in the city. They're a Sicilian mob who stick to their initial code very strictly. They're dangerous, influential and very powerful family that are liked by the public, but everyone knows not to step on the toes of the Benedittis. They mostly deal with money laundering, human and sex trafficking and illegally dealing with Italian brands in the city through which they earn a lot of money, while also making sure any and all competition would eventually bite the dust and violence is always the easiest way to accomplish this. Giovanni Beneditti is a force to be reckoned with, known for his charisma and incredible work he's established throughout the years, however, after his wife has passed away, he didn't have any more children, with only his daughter left, Giovanni has caught himself in a tricky situation. Someone needs to carry the name and the legacy of the Benedittis in the city, and just like in Sicily and the way it was handled ever since the beginning of the mafia code, only a man can claim ownership of the famiglia legacy. It is a still very old-fashioned and patriarchal lifestyle. However, Giovanni's daughter is not a soft woman. As the matter of fact, she is immensely dangerous and she doesn't like to be treated this way. Especially disliking the idea of being sold away to a man just so he can claim her last name.

In the meantime, while Giovanni is weighing in with the options on how to deal with the legacy issue, the biker gang that has always been around in the city have been slowly becoming quite troublesome and climbing up the ladder of power among the criminals, becoming a big thorn in the Beneditti's side. The biker gang will prove to be more capable than anyone would've given them credit for, with their activities and ways becoming effective (I will not go into detail, since I am leaving this up to you.) And with the word around that Giovanni is currently at a potentially vulnerable state with no one to follow after his steps, which can crumble the whole legacy if they take down the head of the family, the gang sees this as an opportunity to take over the whole illegal system - to take down such a goliath would prove to everyone in the city that you're a force to be reckoned with. However, there are other gangs who would love to take the bite of the cake, too. The competition is strong and deadly.

Overall, the biker gang in this story will be the main issue for the Beneditti family. But in these troubling times, everybody seem to have forgotten that Giovanni has an offspring - and his daughter will make quite a statement and remind everyone that the Benedittis are not to be fucked with, even if she's just a woman, she is still quite an obstacle... Even if she despises her own father... Which might make her want to side with her father's biggest enemy... Which would be YC.

The twist in this story is that MC, who is sick and tired of being treated by her family as only a woman and a breeder, she would conspire against her own father. Through some circumstances, she will meet with the biker gang, and directly speak to YC where they will secretly come to an agreement. Even if the two of them will not trust each other, they will stick to their word, but whenever they're around others, they treat each other as if they're enemies. MC will need help in sabotaging her father's successes in establishing an agreement with another Italian family, in which there's a man she is supposed to marry, while YC's interest in taking down other dangerous competition and possibly to rid himself of some life-threatening situations.

My character - A woman raised by mostly men in her family, she's extremely gracious and feminine, although her bitterness and cold nature made her to be quite a dangerous woman. She's in her early to mid twenties, and her life has not treated her nicely, as she was treated like nothing but a good pair of legs and all the respect she gained is through her ruthless nature. She has a reputation that she's not a kind woman at all and that she is quite frightening. She's cold and calculative, quiet and observant, but beautiful and seemingly unreachable, she breathes with ambition and assertiveness. I plan to have her to be a tough shell to break, but this is for the purpose to develop her into a softer character towards YC as she allows herself feelings to develop. After all, she is a woman who is meant to lead ruthlessly, hence why she needs a personality to suit such an image of a character. So she is not meant to be easy to get along with - she needs to be a challenge before she reveals all the warmth and softness.

Your character - His position and expertise in entirely up to you. He can be a leader or co-leader of the gang, someone who has a trusted position and a personality that people look up to. I would GREATLY prefer if he is older than MC - I don't mind him being a decade or so older than her, which would show the level of maturity of MC and how she can simply click with such a man, but also adding the spice with her sexual playfulness that he'd only get to feel from someone younger and softer than him. He should be a hardened man, maybe a veteran, someone with a dark past, but a responsible and dangerous individual who will show that he is not to be fucked with, someone who would demand respect. I leave that to you!
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