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Herald Kairalie ✧・゚: *✧・゚ Your Canadian Princess

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Welcome to a generic introduction to the inside workings of a lifetime role player!
I go by Kairalie, I'm a 33 year old single mom of 4 daughters who.. you guessed it, lives up North where we drink maple syrup like its coffee and ride polar bears to work and sleep in igloos of course. This lovely snow laden mystical fantasy land of Canada.

I am an avid RP enthusiast who lives and breathes roleplay. My background in roleplay started with fantasy combat a million and one years ago on AOL and YIM as well as KIK, The Keep, older MUD based games and forums centered around writing and exploring more than fighting. Then eventually RPC and other various places, to discord and finally to here. My beloved Inner Sanctum forums. Being here and surrounded by so many wonderful people and writers brought a sense of togetherness in a single place that I'd longed to experience since the long forgotten days of AOL roleplay and it's become a haven of sorts where I further hone my writing skills and make friends with people from across the seas that I never would have met otherwise.

I love to read; game on the pc (when I have time!) or binge watch Netflix/Disney + with my girls. I am always up for a good conversation and here to help if I can, so please feel free to chat with me or send me a PM anytime 😄 I'd love to hear from you! I also LOOOVE to play Dungeons and Dragons. I'm more of a new player but I have been loving running with a few groups recently and getting into trouble having to dig ourselves out of some rather hectic situations or have such heartfelt moments in character that we're all in tears around the table. Or over discord as covid and children limit how much in person game time we can all do these days!

When not online I'm running around with my 4 tiny humans in which I made from scratch and trying my hardest to make a positive impact on their lives and teach them the important things about life. And with that I cook and bake like no tomorrow, literally everyday I've created something new! I love food, I love to feed my family and those I care for and will share anything I can! Some pull up a chair at the table, grab a cookie or a freshly baked scone and lets talk!

My PMs are open all the time to those who need a chat, laugh or just a little reassurance in both life and RP. I got you. 😊

Your Canadian Princess, Kairalie 💕💖
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