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Hey guys! I'm DarkRabbit.

I'm a 23 year old **female** from Canada. Yes I know I'm female but I'm wanting to try something new. A M x M roleplay! Anyway... I am an LPN student (learner practical nurse). I have three semesters per year. Second year has officially started! There could be the odd day I might not reply due to being busy. However, I do always try and reply when I can. I know once a month I will be working at my current job to make a few extra dollars!

I've been roleplaying for 10+ years. I tend to write in third person, present tense. It doesn't matter to me which tense you write in though! I know some people care about that, so I rather let you know ahead of time what I do! Moving forward, my replies vary on what I'm given. Now, I do ask that you are able to use detail. That means more than a paragraph. You don't need to write 5+ paragraphs since characters do need time to reply. I just can't stand one liners or one tiny paragraph. I need more personally. If you are getting stuck on a reply, please pm me and let me know and we can think of something.

As mentioned, I'm new to M x M roleplay. I've been reading a lot of guy boy love things and I really want to try it out! My character will be the more submissive one. I do not do well playing dominant roles! I ask that someone is patient with me again as I'm learning the main male role as typically I've done females!!

I do not do any form of relationship cheating. That is something I cannot stand so I ask that it's not in the story. I am a huge romance person and it's needed in each story. Just no cheating please - so main characters are to be together!

Please do not take control of my main character. If it's something like you pushed them out of harm's way, that's perfectly fine. I'm meaning like getting them to speak and such.

Be able to play side characters! I don't wanna be the only one as that's boring... Takes two people to make a roleplay!

Sexual content: No vore, scat (toilet play), name calling (bad ones like slut or whore), feces, whipping, or smacking. There could be more but this was the first few things that came to mind!

Please have decent spelling and grammar. No abbreviations like, "u."

Be able to communicate! If you're struggling, please let me know!

Be active too please! I try and get on every day! I love roleplaying so much. I totally understand if you can't reply everyday, but just please no ghosting :( I will try so hard not to do that too!

Romance (is a must)

Dark Themes (craving)
Cute/fluffy (craving)
Romance (is a must)


(Bolded is preferred role and ** is most craved)
Vampire x human ***********
Dark Vampire King x Human *****
Normal guy x gang/mafia leader *************
Boss x employee
Jock x nerd
Human x Werewolf
Mythical Academy
Some form of medieval roleplay
Modern day roleplay (non fantasy based if need be!)

I am always willing to hear other pairings so please don't be shy to ask!!

A Dark Secret

Muse A and B have been dating for about a two months now (or they're friends as this can be changed!) Both are really interested in one another. Muse A (my character) is a nervous guy who can get flustered a little easy. He is well known in the college and has several friends. He is an A+ student so he does take her schooling seriously.

Muse B is also well known. He doesn't care about school as much, but he passes it like it's nothing. He doesn't need to study or anything. It's like he has a photographic memory, which is something most people would be jealous over.

The only reason Muse A and Muse B met was because they both work together in a restaurant/bar. Both are waiter/waitresses and have worked together for months before they started dating.

Now, there is a dark secret about Muse B (your character). He is a stalker for Muse A. He is obsessed with him. No one is allowed to harm him in any way or he will beat the absolute crap out of them, break their bones, or even kill them if it's severe enough. All of this happens without Muse A even knowing. It's when he is away from the area and or at home.

I am always up to hearing other pairings or plots! Please send me a pm if you are interested in doing a roleplay! :)
We can discuss more in a pm!

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