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Angel of Mercy

Angel of Mercy
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: Melianna Delennor
Story/World: The Well/Parryatis (Bard's Tale)

Race: Elf from the enclave of Arrowyn, in the Kingdom of Kalidor
Vocation: Adventurer
Hair & Eyes: Melianna has thick, long blonde hair and icy blue eyes
Height & Body Type: Melianna stands at about 5'8" with an athletic build

Typical Attire: Melianna usually wears an elven tunic, leather pants and boots, a hooded cloak clasped by an intricate silver broach and various bits of leather and armour seemingly made of bark.

Background: Melianna was born and raised in the small elven enclave of Arrowyn, under the watchful eye of the Church of the Allfather. She was mostly raised by her mother and the community at large, as is often the case with the elven communities, but the person to which she had always been closest was her ageing grandmother. Being that she was very intelligent she was well educated both by the enclave's elders, teaching her about her people and elven culture, as much as the church would allow and by the church itself. She's a very capable young elven woman, both physically and intellectually.

Personality: Melianna is a cautious person, as well as cunning and determined. When she sets her mind to accomplishing a task, or learning a skill there is very little that could stop her. She is kind and generous to those less fortunate than her, particularly towards other elves. Being an idealist at heart, she dreams of a day where the elves are elevated to being equal to the humans. She dislikes most humans for the treatment her people have suffered at their hands over the centuries.

Skills: Reading and writing, singing and riding. Survival and woodcraft.

Combat: Melianna is skilled with the short bow and short sword. She is also athletic and acrobatic, things that serve her very well in a fight.

Talents: Over the past year there has indeed been an awakening inside Melianna, to the point where she can feel the magical energy coursing through her body, and as such she has learned to cast spells like a sorceress. She remains unsure how this is possible, or how it happened, though she believes she's been given these powers for a reason.

Equipment: Melianna carries a backpack filled with the usual gear one needs to travel long distances in the wilds. She also carries a shortbow with a dozen arrows left and an ancient shortsword discovered in ruins near the elven enclave of Aristone.
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: Aberrant
Story/World: Death Follows Her.../Parryatis (Bard's Tale)

Race: Human/Elf amalgamation
Hair & Eyes:Aberrant's hair is white on one slide of her head and a peculiar shade of powder blue on the other. It's usually wild and dishevelled and rather free flowing. One eye is a blank slate of white while the other is a sparkling blue.
Height & Body Type: Aberrant stands at about 5'6" with a slim build.

Typical Attire: Aberrant usually wears dark clothing, often with bits of dark coloured hard leather armour affixed to various locations.

Background: Little is known about Aberrant's background. What is known is that she was created by a Warlock operating in the ruins of Demonspire, in the Barrier Peaks. The Warlock used two slaves in a sick, perverse and twisted ritual designed to create one perfect concubine. The ritual failed and the magical energies involved consumed the two women, one human and one elf, leaving the now magically powerful Aberrant instead. After destroying the Warlock, she fled the ruins and the mountains, headed west into the kingdom of Cianna.

Personality: Aberrant is a cold person, with very little warmth. Her smile is sadistic at best and she only laughs at the misfortune of others, especially those she deems as bad people. There may be a spark of real life inside her, as she does suffer melancholy moments.

Skills: Aberrant has few marketable skills.
Combat: The woman is a finely tuned killing machine. She's skilled with most weapons, and can use almost any inanimate object as a weapon. She is deceptively strong for her small size.
Talents: Aberrant is skilled in fire and destructive magic.
Equipment: She usually carries a single weapon. After a while she'll toss that weapon away only to pick up another from a dead victim. She has a horse that has been following her around for some time now and along with its saddle he has saddle bags usually filled with adventuring equipment.
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: Angela-Grace, Servant of Heaven
Story/World: Inharmoniousness Beliefs/Parryatis (Poe's Corner)

Race: Human, from the Kingdom of Cianna
Age: 26
Vocation: Servant of Heaven
Hair & Eyes: A-G has thick,short blonde hair and greyish-blue eyes with silverish flecks
Height & Body Type: A-G stands at about 5'10" with an athletic build. Her skin is pale like porcelain and unblemished except for a birthmark behind her left shoulder.

Typical Attire: Her armour is made of white metal plates atop black leather, all intricately decorated in gold trim and tracings, and symbols that represented aspects of her patron, the Allfather. From her ears usually hang gold earrings, and her fingers are similarly decorated though they are usually concealed by the thick leather gloves.

Background: Angela-Grace was actually born Elizabeth Glenwood in a small fishing village along the coast of Cianna. Her family was poor but life wasn't all bad. Her parents were loving and her life in general was pleasant. However the pleasant life she knew came to an end when she 8 years old. There was a fire in the village and many of the homes burned to the ground, including Elizabeth's home. Her mother and father died in the blaze, but Elizabeth remembers a woman with golden hair walking through the flames to pick her up and carry her to safety in the arms of one of the villagers. The woman then disappeared, and no one knew who she was. Of course the village was a common stopover, for mercenaries and merchant groups so it might just have been a passing adventurer who saved her. Of course stories grew, and many who were witness suggested it was an angel sent by the AllFather that saved her.

As a new orphan Elizabeth was delivered to a nearby Abbey, where she was raised until the age of 17. She was schooled in religious knowledge and taught how to read and write. She was also taught the basics on how to heal wounds and Herbalism. Many hoped she would become a nun, but after the age of twelve she became rather rebellious. She was constantly being punished for behaviour that was suspect and disrespectful. Regardless of her behaviour she was intelligent and cunning. She absorbed whatever knowledge was placed before her. Halfway through her 17th year her life changed drastically once more. The Abbey was attacked by a small group of marauders who believed the Abbey would be easy pickings. They broke the gate and they attacked, killing and pillaging as they did. Elizabeth was hidden with the other children for a time, until one of the marauders found their hiding spot. As the evil man stepped forward about to take several innocent lives Elizabeth stood in his way, and when he swung, somehow he missed. With surprising speed Elizabeth drew the dagger from his belt and she thrust it into his chest. As the man fell to the ground the children swore Elizabeth was bathed in a Holy light.

She took the dead marauder's sword and stepped out of the hiding place and she fought off the marauders with the help of a few of the local workers. Again, the story that emerged from the event seemed to suggest some were seeing a golden Halo of light above her. When the battle was over Elizabeth was changed. It was as if the Holiest of Spirits had entered her and she knew then she would indeed be dedicating her life to the AllFather. An angel had spoken to her, instructed her on where to go and what to do to prepare for the life the AllFather had chosen for her. And this life would begin with a pilgrimage to Sanctuary, a journey that on foot would take some time. A week later, after consulting with the Abbot and spending many hours in prayer she set out. She set out barefoot, wearing a simple peasant's robe cinched at the waist by a silk cord. She carried a pouch slung over one shoulder in which she placed a skin of water and a few days' food. She also carried a dagger and a Holy Symbol gifted to her from the Abbot, a blessed thing, weathered and well worn. The symbol would allow her to find shelter and food at the many churches, chapels, monasteries and Abbeys along her journey.

It took her less than a year to reach the Cathedral at Sanctuary. A High Priestess had been expecting her arrival, having heard the stories of her past. While there were some who were sceptical of the stories this one High Priestess took her in and mentored her through the next several years of her life. Again her mind was like a sponge, absorbing all that was taught to her. Horsemanship, the Advanced healing Arts, Hand to hand and Melee Combat. Because she was embarking on a new life the High Priestess saw fit to change the young woman's name. For all intents and purposes Elizabeth Glenwood was no more and Angela-Grace came into being. The Priestess explained that Angela-Grace stood for Graceful Angel. The High Priestess had no doubts this young woman had been touched by the AllFather. When Angela-Grace turned 24 the High Priestess explained there was nothing more she could teach the young woman, she was equipped with the finest armour and weapons and horse they could find. She was to set out once more to fulfill her destiny.

Personality: Angela-Grace is a kind, generous woman. She's caring towards the innocent, usually willing to stop and render aid to those in need. She has a soft spot for children, the poor and the downtrodden. She's a very serious person, most of the time but when her playful side comes out she can seem like little more than a young girl. On the other hand when she's on the hunt for evil or magic users she's dedicated and focused on the cause. She gives no quarter and gives no mercy to those who would oppose the AllFather's light. She can be at times brooding and overly serious, rude and quick to anger. She's also loyal to those who work with her to abolish evil, and she wouldn't think twice to sacrifice her life for the greater good.

Healing: Angela is a skilled healer. She is trained in the use of Herbalism and Alchemy as it applies to healing and care for the weak.
Equestrianism: Angela is a skilled horse rider, and she is proficient in the care and grooming of mounts as well as beasts of burden.
Athleticism: Angela is athletic, and she is skilled in climbing, jumping, swimming and running.
Charismatic Speaker: Angela is a natural public speaker, able to rally people to her cause when the need arises.
Combat: Angela has extensive training in most martial hafted and hilted weapons plus the crossbow. She has the most skill with quarterstaves, longswords and hand axes. She is also trained in hand to hand combat, is agile and deceptively strong.
Talents: Like all Servants of Heaven, Angela-Grace is capable of some Feats of Magic.
Equipment: Besides her armour, which she is rarely without, A-G is equipped with the best gear required depending on the task/mission set before her. She usually has her trusty mount (A white stallion) and pack animal. Her longsword is as much a work of art as it is a deadly weapon and she usually has a couple handaxes hanging on each of her horses.
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: Mayna
Story/World: Fear of the Dark/Parryatis (Bard's Tale)

Race: Dark Elf, Outcast from the enclave of Grey Rock, in The Lands of Desolation.
Hair & Eyes: Mayna's hair is long, thick and a light grey in colour. Her eyes are red, the shade and intensity depends on the amount of ambient lighting
Height & Body Type: Mayna stands at about 5'6", with an athletic build.
Typical Attire: Mayna usually wears her armour made up of various bits and pieces of leather stolen or picked up from ruins over the years. An exceptional leatherworker from Grey Rock always manages to make it work well together. It provides her with excellent protection while not impairing her mobility.

Background: Mayna was born in the secretive Grey Rock enclave, made up mostly of dark elves living in the badlands. Her upbringing was harsh and difficult, as it is for all dark elves. She grew up more rebellious than most and before long she was seen as something of an outcast even among her own people.

By the time she was eighteen she would leave her home for the wilds of Desolation, sometimes for weeks at a time, a testament to her survival skills. During these first few years of adulthood she encountered an orc who was just as much an outcast of his people as she was of hers and they soon formed a relationship. At first it was more about keeping each other company but before long the relationship grew.

Personality: Mayna is a surprisingly calm and confident being. For most of her life she's been a loner, preferring to wander the edges of civilization on her own than to have to step in line and conduct herself as some would say is befitting her people. She's also a very curious and adventurous person, and she's often found exploring the ruins of the ancient elven civilization from over a thousand years ago. She loves finding lost treasures and trinkets that she uses to barter for more useful goods. She's disrespectful of authority, and any who might try to restrict her movements and freedoms.

Skills: Stealth, subterfuge, survival and navigation are all skills Mayna has mastered over the years.
Combat: Mayna's primary weapons are twin handaxes, which she can use as either melee or thrown weapons with considerable skill. She's very acrobatic and quick on her feet. She also uses a long curved dagger to good effect.
Talents: Since her early teens, Mayna has been gifted with the ability to use minor illusionary magic, though few are aware of these powers.
Equipment: Leather armour, the aforementioned weapons, a backpack with the usual adventuring and travelling gear, plus any trinkets she's picked up along her travels...
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: Ghorzok
Story/World: Fear of the Dark/Parryatis (Bard's Tale)

Race: Orc, Bugbear subspecies
Hair & Eyes: Ghorzak, like most of his kind, has shaggy brown hair and dark brown eyes. He would be in his early thirties, which is close to middle aged for his kind, and his fur and hair is tinged with hints of grey.
Height & Body Type: Ghorzak stands at about 6'8" in height with a very thick, muscular build.
Typical Attire: Ghorzak wears a mixture of furs and leather armour.

Background: Ghorzak left the safety of the area's only Bugbear village at an early age and only returns when he needs to, either to trade, barter or look for information. His life has been mostly solitary, wandering the Lands of Desolation.

A few years back he met a Dark Elf named Mayna and the two formed a deep bond after much travelling and spending time together despite the natural animosity felt between their two peoples. Nowadays the pair wander the ruins of the ancient elvish civilization.

Personality: Compared to most of his species, Ghorzak would be considered top tier in cunning and intelligence, which is part of the reason why he left his home early and rarely returns. It was this high level of intellect that drew Mayna to him, and that allows him to appreciate all she has to offer him. He's fiercely loyal to his companion. He's surprisingly gentle and kind whenever she's involved though he's a very dangerous combatant. He also has a most excellent sense of humour.

Skills: Survival
Combat: Ghorzak is very strong, even by Orc-Kin standard and he'd likely be able to rip the arms off a human being. In combat he usually wields a large morningstar, which he can wield either with one or two hands. He also has a large dagger tucked into his belt. He uses brute strength in combat rather than finesse.
Talents: Like all Bugbears, Ghorzak has heightened perception and darkvision
Equipment: Other than his weapons and armour, Ghorzak rarely has need of anything else, though he does carry a backpack, mostly to carry any additional trinkets Mayne has no room in her pack for.
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