Challenge Submission A Broken Man.

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Challenge Submission A Broken Man.


Hiding under the fridge, awaiting the darkness.
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Today 3:07 AM
The man in all black sat within the room of a small and rather cramped apartment in a busy city in which the name matters very little. Staring out the window, as he did most days. Just watching. Watching as the crowds scatter through the streets, living their lifes. A reminder everyday of just how bleak his existence really was now.

Isaac Hamilton was his name and his story is one of love and loss, mixed with bad luck and a tortured past. You know. The type of tragic life that never seemed to go his way. The car crash that put him in a wheelchair for the remainder of his life was merely the catalyst for his downfall. The divorce came next.

After 20 years of marriage and 2 now grown children that have their own lives to live, Isaac found himself alone. His only real company these days were the people in the streets below. Which he had made up stories and backgrounds for some of the regulars. Like the beautiful redhead who runs every morning at daybreak. He liked to imagine that she was training for a marathon with her dedication. Even the guy who stood at the corner everyday, clearly selling some kind of illegal substance, was in Isaac's mind just doing so to take care of his little brother and to send him to a good college.

None of his made up stories about these random people were likely to be accurate because Isaac had never spoken to any of them. However, in his seclusion, his made up world was far more interesting than his depressing reality. Within his mind all these people were happy and living their best life. If only he could do the same.

As he closes the blinds of his window, he sighed in relief as he felt himself drifting away. The exessive dosage of medication he consumed to end his torment had begun to make him feel sleepy. That final sleep. Where hopefully this broken soul would finally find peace that he could never find in this life...

( Not sure if this fits into this challenge, but I figured I would give it a try.)
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