Challenge Submission Another Day in the Office

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Challenge Submission Another Day in the Office


A Silly Goose
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Today 8:39 AM

An iconic sound of a dart gun being fired fills the office. You can hear the wind on the projectile as it flies through the air before it hits it's target.


The team chief would yell after he was struck in the back of the neck. Desk drawers fly open. Just about every member of the office was armed. Each of them excitedly prepared for this: The last 15 minutes of the work day.

Chaos ensues as the office environment escalates into a warzone in the blink of an eye. Sponsored by Nerf. The maze of cubicles became a shoot house course. Best friends became enemies. Ammunition became worth more than gold.

The salaried workers engage each other with the competitive spirit of life and death. People dive across the carpet after stray ammunition. They peek corners and move with purpose like SWAT units. They'll even take noncombatants, who just want to go home on time, as human shields.

The engagement goes well over the end of working hours. The second floor was always the last to empty the parking lot. After a good time they all go home, knowing full well they will come back and do it all over again tomorrow.
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