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Hey everyone! I'm Legolas, but you can also call me Brier! I've been writing for about ten years now, roleplaying for seven of those years. I love writing fluff, romance, hurt/comfort, enemies to lovers, that kind of stuff. Yes, I know I'm using fanfiction tags.

My reply lengths vary between about 100 words to 500 words. I can do multiple paragraphs. I can usually reply at least once a day, usually multiple times!

I have a high tolerance for gore and violence, but I usually like to keep it pretty tame in RP's. Just cause I can handle it, doesn't mean I want to.

I write sexual content, my kinks can be found in my F-List down below. All my limits are there too.

Okay! Onto the reason you are here. I have multiple Zukka (Zuko/Sokka) Rp ideas because this is my absolute favourite pairing/fandom and has been since I was four when the show came out.

THIS IS A ZUKKA REQUEST THREAD. (Adding this for anyone who is confused)

A word of warning. I always play Zuko. And yes, some of the ideas are loosely based on fanfics I have read in the past. And to keep with site rules, everyone was born six years earlier than they were in the show. So, here are the ages of the main characters.

Zuko - 22
Sokka - 21
Suki - 21
Katara - 20
Azula - 20
Toph - 18
Aang - 18

So there are the ages for reference. Before anyone asks, Zuko was still burnt and banished at 13. Now! Onto the plots!

This is pretty cut and dry. I really like the idea of Zuko realising early on that his dad is an asshole. Cutting his losses and becoming a pirate on the high seas. The way I picture them (Zuko and Sokka) meeting could actually happen at multiple points. We could pick up anywhere in the show. PM me to discuss more on that.

Sort of like the 'Pirates' plot, but on land. He still doing illegal things to piss off daddy dearest.

This could be done in any number of ways. There are so many options. But, here are a few of them.
Soul mark - a mark somewhere on the body that represents your soulmate
First words - The first words your soulmate says to you are tattooed on your wrist.
Eyes - You are born being able to see every colour except for that of the eyes of your soulmate. At least until you lock eyes with them.

If you have an idea of another kind, please let me know and we can talk about it!

So I like the idea of Sokka meeting Zuko when they get to the Freedom Fighters. This has a lot of hurt/comfort potential. So, when they meet, Zuko is in a relationship with Jet. Add in the events of the episode happening, and Jet breaks up with Zuko because either he finds out Zee is a firebender, or because he's had it with Zuko's sympathy for the Fire Nation. Zuko could go with the gaang or he could meet up with them at intervals. In one route, I'd like for him to be suppressing his bending and it's making him sick.

Okay! I don't remember if this was my own idea or if I read about it somewhere, but what if Zuko was never banished? The Day of Black Sun has arrived, folks, and guess what! Sokka thinks it's a good idea to fight the crown prince. The heir that was locked away deep within the palace and not allowed out. The one who...seems like he doesn't care? Maybe a quick chat and he decides 'hey, firebending master for Aang coming right up!'.

What if the Fire Nation never attacked? What if, instead, it was the Water Tribes? I feel like we could really do something here. It was the Water Tribes that turned evil and the Fire Nation was reduced to mere hundreds after the air nomads were wiped out.

Anyway, those are all the plots I have for now, or we could work something else out. Please PM me if interested! Do not comment here.
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