Voting Closed Monthly Writing Challenge Voting is now Live!

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Voting Closed Monthly Writing Challenge Voting is now Live!

Which day at the beach story was the Best?

  • Life's a Beach — Miss Malice

    Votes: 7 46.7%
  • Today at Last — DrippingWithAlchemy

    Votes: 8 53.3%

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Hello Sanctum Dwellers!

Submissions are in, the day is here and voting for our monthly challenge is officially open!

All submissions are available in this forum.

Please read all submissions and vote exclusively for the one you feel is the best written day at the beach. While we do allow self-voting, we strongly encourage anyone who made a submission to vote for other candidates. All submitted votes are final.

While further entries are still allowed for the participation badge, they will not be added to the poll. Poll entries are ordered by the date they were submitted.

The winning thread will be featured on the site for the month of July and the user will receive a site medal for the win.

Thank you, everyone, for your participation and may the best submission win!!!

PS: Be sure to cast you daily vote for the Sanctum:
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