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Unspecified RP Ideas and Plots


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I'll get right to the point without any of my backstory details that no one will actually read. Let's be honest, you don't care as long as we have similar styles and such. That said if you ever have a problem/stipulation with me please don't be afraid to be honest and forthcoming. If I have something to say, I will say it. I hope you will do the same.

RP Partner(YC)
-length wise at least a paragraph reply
-detail is good but I don't want every response to be a description of ever action. Some actions and responses require more detail and I get that.
-possibly play side characters, I can play side characters too if it comes to it
-please at least one reply per week. Life can happen to the best of us so just let me know if something came up.
-don't ghost. I mean really, just say you don't want to rp anymore

-will reply with 1 paragraph no problem and 2-4 depending on the situation, some detail required, ect ect
-always up for smut. even when with a fully smut/erotic rp some semblance of a plot is required
-open to many fetishes. I don't have an f-list but let's discuss any you like
-I'm always open to ideas or changes and will tell you if I don't like it
***Favorite kinks***
big breasts
brainwashing/mind control
cream pie
dom/sub dynamic
excessive cum

(all ideas are a roughly made in order to be fleshed out and be added to later)
(***=extremely craving right now)

***There's a ton of these out there we can use for rps. The one I have my eye on is the Mystery Dungeon one but there are plenty more out there. Let's talk it out and come up with ideas for stories and character roles.

***A prince of an extremely wealthy and influential wolf family keeps sleeping with the maids so much that they keep quitting, not being able to keep up with his libido nor keep any kids from any pregnancy. The parents decide to take out a private ad in the hopes to find a personal maid for their son.

WANTED: Personal Live-in Maid
*Must be single/unmarried
*Available at all times of the day and night
*Full medical records from your doctor
*Participate in intimate group activities

*Overtime pay
*Uniforms and amenities provided
*Free medical and dental
*Recreational time
*Financial opportunities
*Free travel and travel pay
*Amnesty from past crimes if applicable

Approach the Hawthorn Mansion front gate. Ring the buzzer and state you're seeking an interview for the personal maid position. You will be escorted in. Must have medical records at the gate or you will be turned away.

(I will be the prince and the parents, possibly a sister as well, you will be the personal maid and the other maids cleaning the mansion. If possible please be a 'prey' type of anthro like a doe, cat, or, rabbit)

***A werewolf mob owns one of the most prestigious and wealthy casinos around. YC's father gambled his life away there with one exception, you. MC, the alpha, agrees to take you as one of his mates to settle the debt.

A wolf demon stalks the night in order to sate his libido. I have many ideas from long to short rps. Let's talk.

[CLOSED]Werewolves have been hunted to near extinction with only one remaining, MC. A pure blooded alpha that was captured some years ago but a secret organization. Test after torture after beating left his body a scarred mess and his temperament more hostile than ever before. In comes YC. The organization has hit a wall in processing new data with MC so they hire YC, a highly respected researcher/scientist, in order to learn more about MC that pain cannot reveal.

Would prefer to be a slow burning romance/smut story. Let's talk later plot points.

MC is a member of the companions inner circle and YC is trying to join the companions for some reason. Our characters may not like each other but that starts to change during the initiation quest for YC. Will feelings develop and grow between the two characters or continue to spiral into hate sex with every mission? Heavy gore, werewolf, sex.

[CLOSED]A private island has opened up to women for a unique vacation experience away from men. However the island is populated by futa women who are using the vacation excuse to trap other woman and impregnate them. Heavy bondage, restrictive themes, rape, drug use, other sexual themes.

MC, female, is from a highly secretive and exclusive facility that only those with the right contacts and money can order from. YC, male or futa, is in some kind of trouble that we can work out. Thankfully YC knows the right people and MC arrives to service YC in every way, thanks to some brainwashing and other mental commands YC may want to implement. MC Furry, mind control/manipulation, servicing, sexual themes, violence, torture.(Side note, I never got to rp this in the way I wanted. What do I mean? I want MC to suffer, at least a little. I want MC to be actually abused from time to time be it from hitting to drugs to bullets and everything in between.)

(Smut version)
The dungeon has attracted many adventurers for decades. One day a small group delves into the cryptic walls without knowing the dungeon spirit(MC) has had enough. With his hoard of sexually charged monsters he decides to take over the surrounding town with a fortress made for pleasure. Eventually leading to the bliss of every species under his rule.

(Non-smut version)
The dungeon has attracted many adventurers for decades. One day a small group delves into the cryptic walls without knowing the dungeon spirit(MC) has had enough. MC decides to shift his goals from experience to conquest. While he is an expert dungeon manager he doesn't know much about taking over the outside world. With the help of his new captives, and his ever generating monster hoard, he will eventually take over the world.

I have a few demonic characters that would work well for short smut files stories. If you want a short rp I can sent you a few character options to base the plot off of. Most everything would go from tentacles to rape. Terrified chases and magic.

(an assortment of characters I've made for various reasons but could be used for different scenarios with a little tweaking)

Flame swordsmen- male, dual wielding swordsmen with pyrokinetic abilities and twin short swords. Shorter than normal. Quick to anger. Reckless. Loves fighting.

Sniper- A female furry sniper with an 'established' backstory but can easily be adjusted which is as follows: second best sniper in the world yet doesn't have many skills besides that. Mostly calm and collected.

Larconid(anthro dinosaur)- male cartographer. Velociraptor descendant but much smarter than his ancestors. Docile and submissive most times. When hungry becomes angry, aggressive, and faster on his feet.

Wolf mercenary- anthro furry. Carefree and wild by nature. Limber and agile. Has two pistols. Drinks like a fiend and always up to sleep around.

Hit me up if you like anything above peaked your interest or want anything clarified. Also, please don't message me here. Peace!
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What exactly is the idea behind the Personal Maid idea? Would romance develop between the two throughout it?
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