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This is where I'm posting all my characters for future references in case I, or the person I rp with, forgets what they look like.

Martina Trulan
Age: 20
Her eyes are green.
Bio: She was raised in the ghetto's. Her mom is an alcoholic, how cliche, and her dad left as soon as her mom got pregnant. She grew sick of her mothers drunken abusive ways, so she moved out as soon as she turned 18. She put resume after resume out with no luck. Until Jarack accepted her offer of employment. Being a maid isn't all that glorioous: picking up after someone else. Cleaning up after someone else. It's almost like she never left her mother, but at least the upside is that Jarack isn't an abusive alcoholic.
Personality: She has a tough time trusting people, especially men. Maybe it's the cliche daddy issues she's heard rumors about. Her trusting issues are mostly because of her mother and the types of people she hung around. Other drunks who tried to take advantage of Martina when she was in her early teens. She is friendly and outgoing when she's content, but when she's uncomfortable she tends to be more shy.

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Julia Rosemary
Age: 18
Chocolate brown hair, gold-brown eyes
Bio: Ever since the feud started between the two states, Julia has had to fend for herself. Her family was taken hostage by the enemy, and before Julia could save them, their necks were sliced, leaving her parents and younger brother to bleed to death. Since then, she has made it her responsibility to find people who will help avenge not only her family, but the rest of the people who have been wronged by this. Her family is wealthy and she is going to use her inheritance to pay anyone willing to help her. She has hope that maybe the rumors are false and her family is alive, but she is a realist and isn't going to day dream about such hopeful thoughts.
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Alanna Moores. Lanna or Anna for short, depending on what others prefer to call her.
Age: 20
Blonde hair, blue eyes.
Bio: She woke up one morning to find her parents drained of blood, and her sister missing. That was the day she first discovered the existence of vampires. This happened 3 years ago, and Lanna has been seeking revenge and justice for her family. She became a vampire hunter and kills any that she can find. If she comes across other creatures that are harming another human, she kills them too, but she is mostly out for vampires.
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Joanna Taylor. Jo for short.
Age: 25
Bio: Her father owned a small fishing company, and ever since she can remember, she's been around ships, boats and oceans. Her mother never liked it, and always tried keeping Joanna away. The ocean has a piece of her heart, and she'd love nothing more than to be a pirate on a ship. It's no place for a woman though, so it's very hard for anyone to take her seriously, even when she shows off her skills with a sword. Her mother passed away recently and her father now drinks himself to sleep every night in grief over his dead wife.
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ZsaZsa Bellagio – Like No Other

Samantha Keaton
Age: 24
Bio: After going to college and needing a way to pay off her student loans, becoming a stewardess sounded like a pretty cool idea. And it is. But there are a lot of downsides to it. The money is too good though, so she's putting up with it. And now that she has a crush on the pilot she always works with, she has a hard time quitting this job now.
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(Except no tattoos.)
Elizabeth Patrova
Age: 225 years old, but was turned at 20.
Bio: Forever to roam the earth, but cursed to feel alone. It's 2016, and in 1956 )60 years ago), there was a murder at the mansion that she had made her home at that time. Her older brother, Jake, is also a vampire, and she and him had a bad argument that night in 1956. Her brother got really pissed at her, and so he killed their last human relative, Robert Williams. Robert was a Patrova, his grandfather only had granddaughters, so the Patrova name got married out. Elizabeth mourned Roberts loss. He was their great great great etc. nephew. Elizabeth left the city after that night in 1956, and hasn't been back since. Until now.
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Name: Bain Anderson
Age: 1,520
Bio: He is Minerva's brother. He is a dragon, and he started off as a nice guy; until his sister was born. Their mother died while giving birth to Minerva, and their father killed himself a few months later from depression. Bain hates his sister and wants revenge. And he hates that she's so good. He wantsto hurt her, and he knows the way to get at her is through her students. He has henchmen who hate dragons & dont mind doing his evil bidding.
His Dragon Form is big and black.


Minerva Anderson
Age: 1,500
Bio: headmaster of Acasa and has been for about 800 years. She loves the school, loves helping new dragons become better dragons. It brings her joy to see her students graduate. She can be strict. She has over 10,000 students to control, but she has a heart of gold. She hates being strict and mean but she is good at her job and she loves most of her duties. Sometimes she teaches a class, and most students love when she teaches.
Perso: friendly, loving, she is almost like a mother for many students. She can be strict but it comes with the job territory, unfortunately. (female version of Dumbledore, pretty much)
She is a Light dragon. Her scales are a honey gold color and her wings have some white scales in them. She is a beautiful dragon.


Hayden Macofsky
Age: 20
Bio: She is an Earth dragon and is in her second year of University at Acasa. She is focusing on becoming more intune with her Earth elements, and is also taking poetry classes on the side. She wants to go to school to be a teacher. Whether she teaches at Acasa one day, or just teaches at ordinary schools, she has a passion for being around children.
Her dragon form has beautiful gold scales that fade to a light shade of green at the tips.


Ryan Mackalby
He took a few years off school to figure things out and to enjoy life. He's just entering Acasa for the first time. He's not 18, but he's still a first year student. He's not quite sure what he wants to do, but, he is good at cooking, so, he just might become a professional chef. But, he's still deciding.
He is an Ice dragon, which is perfect because it matches his icy blue eyes. He is only a half breed (to make things interesting), but, he doesn't tell too many people that. He knows some will use it as an excuse to ridicule him, and he wants to avoid causing trouble.
His dragon forms scales are a dark blue color and he's a handsome looking dragon.
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Alice Townly
Age: 20
After speaking of crazy nonesense about talking rabits, playing cards and an evil red queen, Alice's mother couldn't take it any more and had Alice locked up in an asylum. Alice still mumbles about a Mad Hatter and Chas the bandersnatch but no one believes her. She now found herself in Wonderland again, but this time it's completely different. The land is cold and dark, creatures are dark and scary looking. Every positive thing about Wonderland is gone and now the opposite. Will Alice be able ti figure out what's wrong? Will she be able to return Wonderland to its former glory?

Jennifer Roberts
Jennifer, or Jen, or even Jenny, is a professor at the local college. She teaches different English classes: from Poetry, Shakespeare, even Greek Mythology, she loves literature and helping students become better at writing essays and the like. She is married to a man who works in the oil rigs, so he's not home that often. It was fine when she married her husband, but, she is home alone, getting sexually frustrated, and being lonely every single night. It makes her desperate for companionship sometimes.
Overall, Jenny is a very nice woman and tries to make her classes fun, but of course, not everyone is a fan of education.
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