Siren of Desire (Mature RP only)

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Siren of Desire (Mature RP only)

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Name: Sophia Portanova
Pronouns: She/Her
Sexuality: Lesbian
Gender: Female
Race: Vampire
Physical Characteristics: She had quite the curvy body, starting with a very buxom rack that she often used to her advantage. She loved the women, but she knew everyone enjoyed to watch her body whenever she danced in all the taverns and bars where she danced. She enjoyed the attention. She had quite the hips, and she loved to use them for attention as well. Finally, her ass got some love as well.
Age: 600
Height: 6'0
Build: 150
Skin Tone: Olive
Hair: Long, black locks
Facial Features/Beard: none
Eye Colour: Green
Markings and tattoos: None
Additional notes:

Personality: She was a very oversexed and flirty woman, who needed to have sex often. Even as a vampire, she craved it more than she craved blood. She was a drug to her that she needed a fix daily for. Women gave it to her the best, and she couldn't wait to get her fix each and every night....

Abilities: Telepathy, Empathy, thought projection, emotion projection, super agility, super strength, super stamina

During the rise of the Byzantine Empire, Sophia was a beautiful courtesan whom had many customers and clientele. She very much enjoyed her job as she satisfied women and many of them didn't seem to care that she took everything that belonged to them. They just wanted to fuck the beautiful Sophia, and she loved it. . Many of them were just intoxicated by her beauty and voice, they wanted to spend all the nights with her. Night and night, the beautiful vixen charmed and seduced women that she could. Any powerful queens or women of influence she got into bed and wrapped her fingers around their embrace. She mas a mistress of manipulation.

However, one night Sophia met her match. She saw a woman, at least what she thought was a woman, and was just intrigued with her. She lusted for this woman and wanted to seduce her. Unfortunately for Sophia, this woman was no mere person but a Toreador vampire. She had Sophia wrapped around her finger and that night during the passion, she embraced Sophia to be a vampire. The next coming days, the vampire taught everything Sophia that was to be a vampire, to truly manipulate lust and turn it against another. So, the lust-filled Sophia began to take full advantage of her partner so much so became far stronger than her partner realized. Fucking her lover uncontrollably, she drank the woman's blood dry while at the same time and killed her. Not mourning her loss as the only thing she really cared about was lust, she searched for others to fill that void. To this day, Sophia uses her desire and song to manipulate those around her.


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