Staff and Dungeon Master Application Process

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Staff and Dungeon Master Application Process


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Hello Sanctum Dwellers!

This thread is a hub of information on your Sanctum Staff, our staff application process (as well as the application process for Dungeon Masters) and how you can get involved in the site. Even if you have no interest in applying at this time, we strongly recommend reading through this thread, as it gives some idea as to what our various staff do and who can best assist you if needed.

To preface: We are not (at the moment) actively seeking new staff. We will still consider all applications we receive and they will be saved in case a position opens up, a staff expansion is decided on or an applicant merits an exception.

Duties and Requirements:

Here at the Sanctum, we have three tiers of staff: Heralds, with green names; Moderators, with blue names; and Administrators, with purple names. All individuals who apply to staff will start as Heralds. Moderators are promoted internally from among our Heralds based on activity, site needs and administrator discretion.

Requirements for all staff:

1. Activity. Staff should be on frequently and perform their expected duties proactively. Staff are also expected to maintain an active non-staff-related presence on-site, including writing, roleplaying and presence in chat.

2. Openness. Staff need to welcome new members, answer member questions (or direct them to those who can), promote activity in chat and on-site, as well as engage with members in general. This includes acting as arbitrators to de-escalate disputes and dealing with violations of site rules in a calm and reasonable manner

3. Familiarity. Staff should have a history of activity in chat and be known to both members and other staff, to ensure a cohesive community and mutual trust.

4. A Discord account that sees at least moderate activity. Most staff matters are discussed on a dedicated staff server and it is necessary to communicate with other staff. An account created explicitly for the purpose is permitted, so long as it is checked frequently

5. Age Verification. All Staff and staff applicants must be willing and able to verify they are over the age of 18. This process will require a photo ID with a clearly visible date of birth

6. Time Zones and Sleep Patterns: Though there is no specific requirement here, some preference might be given toward users who are active at peak times or at times when other staff are not.

Staff Duties:

are tasked primarily with welcoming new users into the site. This includes sending welcome messages, posting in introduction threads and answering questions; They also are expected to promote site voting and events. Finally, Heralds oversee the chat, keeping it active, ensuring content ends up in the correct chat rooms and extending discipline to problem users.

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Lore N. Fables

Moderators assist in site management. This includes discipline and age verification, as well as moving or deleting threads, answering questions and concerns and the arbitration of issues between users. On the rare occasions where a Moderator cannot directly handle an issue, they can escalate it to the admins.

Baxter Peters
Cyanide Ramen

Administrators oversee the entire site. They are responsible for forum discipline, dispute resolution and issuing bans, forum management and arrangement, tech and theme support, as well as overseeing, assisting and directing the other staff. There is no chief or primary administrator—all of us are invested in the site and any issue that requires Admin attention can be directed to any of us.

SanctumStaff (Joint admin account)

Non-Staff Positions:

Dungeon Masters
are regular users who run tabletop games in the site chat or on the forums, as well as assisting with resources for users who wish to learn and participate in them. They are responsible for the logistics, timing and arrangement of these games, with staff support when necessary.

Sanctum Supporters are regular users who have donated to the site. Though they have coloured names, they are not members of our staff.

Application Process and Requirements:

1. In order to submit a staff application, as an anti-spam measure, a user MUST meet a minimum threshold of 50 posts in the forums.

2. In order to be considered for a staff position, a user must have been on the site for at least 3 months.

3. Moderator positions cannot be applied for directly and a Herald must be active staff for a further 3 months before being considered for promotion

4. Applicants must agree to all listed staff requirements, including the potential for an age verification

How to apply:

The best method is to send a PM to the Sanctum Staff account, where it can be viewed by our Admin Team

If you wish to apply for a Dungeon Master position, please be sure to also include your experience in tabletop including which games and versions you have experience in, both as a DM and as a player. Dungeon Master positions only require a 1-month-old account

Please direct any questions regarding staff applications to the @sanctumstaff account
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