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Finally. YES! Arlene was free from work!

Was the work day long and hard? Yes. Was it full of assholes and meaner customers? YES. Now? Now it was her time to relax. Arlene blushed vividly, holding her phone close. She sent a quick text.
Arlene: 'I'm out, I'll be there shortly.'
Johnny: 'Did you drink water? Did you follow the rules?'
Arlene: 'Of course!'
Johnny: 'Good girl. I'll have everything ready for when you get in. Remember how to enter my domain.'
Arlene: 'Yes sir, I remember.'

Arlene left it at that, and did what she knew she had to do. She carefully maneuvered through traffic. Stopped at red lights where appropriate, slowed when the speed limit dropped, and checked all of her mirrors. All just so she could park in a covered garage. Arlene opened the driver visor mirror, applied some small touches of mascara and lip gloss, then let her hair down from the bun it had been restrained in all day. She was excited. This was it. The end of her week always meant she got to see Johnny. It was the only time she felt truly and utterly safe and free. Free to be herself, to let go of her busy life for a few hours. Arlene stepped out of her car, and locked it before heading towards the only door present in the covered garage. At the door's side there was a stand. To some it was nothing more than a side table, but for Arlene it was the beginning to her next step. She peeled herself out of her clothes and set them on the stand, and placed her shoes on the floor just below them.

She took a deep and steady breath, before she turned and knocked on the door. Before it could be opened, Johnny always took his time, she dropped to her knees and placed her hands on her lap, fingers relaxed and palms faced up. She focused on her breath, to keep an even pace. She knew she was excited and she needed to calm herself before she could participate. Arlene looked up as the door opened.

"Good girl." A rough, deep voice purred, and the door opened further. "Enter, place yourself on the mat." Arlene nodded once, stood slowly, and walked through the doorway. She knew where he wanted her. It was always the same place. Always the same mat. It was always clean and comfortable for her. Always. Johnny took great pride in his work. Arlene assumed her position again on the mat this time. Before her the room was set. Perfectly and just so. She knew Johnny spent tireless hours arranging the furniture and devices. Now, she got to glory in the promise before her. However, something sat before the padded saw horse, a black sheet draped over it.

"I have a surprise for you, Arlene. You've been such a good girl. So I decided you deserve a treat. Go and position yourself on the saw horse like I've shown you before." Johnny waited, staying back to watch as Arlene stood and did as he bade. She bent over the saw horse, the cloaked object behind her, and waited. Johnny came to her side and began to secured the manacles around Arlene's limbs.
"Nothing has changed. What's your safe word?"
"Good girl." He purred the words, and it set Arlene's thighs to flex against the rigid saw horse beneath her. "You say that word, and everything stops. Everything. We will do some after care and you can go home or we can eat and watch a movie if you like. But you are in control here."

"Yes sir." Arlene nodded, he normally reminded her, so this was not new to her. Johnny was someone she could trust. Did she love him? No. He was only her delightful torturer. A lovely large man who had a steady hand at everything he did or made, and more patience than a saint.

Johnny fiddled with some items outside of her field of view, and slowly he chuckled while he pulled the black fabric from over the large item behind her.
"Look Arlene. It took some time, and I had to save up, but here it is." Arlene craned her neck to look over her shoulder, and her eyes boggled at what she saw. It was the Mastibator 5000! The thing cost several grand! And was guaranteed to last a lifetime! That was enough to get Arlene vibrating in place. Or? Where was that... oh dear. The vibrations were coming from the machine itself.
"I hope you're ready Arlene."
"Oh..please...sir.. yes..." Arlene nodded her head, ready for her deep dive into her new world of pleasure. She could feel the tip of the dildo press into her slowly before it stopped as it bottomed out inside her. She felt full and stretched. The feeling itself caused Arlene to bite her lip in divine pleasure. Yes! This is what she craved! More than anything! She loved it! Slowly the device engaged, and pumped strong and deep inside of her. It stretched her open and tunneled inside of her with each stroke. She didn't think it could get better, but it did. Johnny knew her body well. He placed a wand, vibrating in sharp stutters against her clit. And she was there! Already crescendoed over the edge and into that bliss she was dying for every Friday.

Arlene screamed, her eyes crossed, and she groaned, but the device kept going.

"Oh no girl. You're not done yet. We have all night." Johnny laughed, spreading out the prods and wheels and clamps across a rolling table. "I love Fridays."

A note: Please, do your research into aspects of BDSM. I have created an almost perfect scene. I say almost because to some it isn't what they like. The perfect aspect comes from both parties having trust and expectations of the other. Johnny ensures that Arlene knows she's in charge. Every time. Any good Dom knows the power they wield when they are given the trust of a sub or slave. Do not ever continue to play with someone who lies or does not respect your boundaries.
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