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Name: Alexander Lesauvage

Nickname (from his mate only): Alex

Age: 330 (Divide by ten for his physical age)

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 180 lbs. of muscle

Appearance: With skin a grey tan color, Alex becomes darker with ashen black hair that trails down to his mid back, causing him to almost disappear in shaded settings if he were naked. The most striking feature of his are the scarlet red eyes he carries as his curse. His body is well toned, but not incredibly muscled. His weight is an average for a man of his height, creating a misleading style to his enemies. Just from looking at him, one would not guess that they were facing off the Queen's mate, and that was his intention.


Attire: In the attempts to look less than what he is, he refrains from any abnormal attire. He usually wears a long open trench coat, leaving the middle of his torso exposed, dark jeans, and black combat boots. He wears sunglasses the few times he makes it out during twilight*, and on a regular occasion can be seen wearing a worn out beret.

Personality: In everyday life, the man can be quite difficult to reign in. He speaks only when necessary, but when he does, he won't tolerate disagreement. He stands for what he decides no matter who stands against him, especially his own mate. On a regular occasion, his passions and strategies have been the cause of many fistfights between the two. Sometimes he won, sometimes he was beaten senseless. But that was life.
When alone, out of the company of his subordinates, he takes on a softer kinder side. This relaxed character is not perfect though, creating a kind of sweet and salty effect in a mixture of affection and love with teasing and sarcasm. It is with very few that he trusts this part of him too, and for good reason.

History: Alexander Lesauvage was born into a rather wealthy family of French descent. When he was young, Alex spent his summers in France learning the language and enjoying his grandparents beautiful mansion home out in the country. He spent so much of his time there, that people treated him like the son of his grandparents, not the alcoholic and drug addict he had as a mother and father respectively. Their substance abuse left him frail and fragile, in his younger years. It was honest luck that he survived being birthed.
Alex's parents passed on from circumstances untold to him at the age of 15, but led to him moving into his grandparents' summer mansion in order to be closer to what little family he had left. As he grew older, stories of pale beings attacking people began to spread all over, eventually reaching him.
Alex's fascination of these Pale Ones led him to pursue the paranormal, eventually dropping him in over his head when he was attacked by a couple of the albinos. Fighting to breathe through a collapsed lung and a gaping hole in his chest, he screamed to anybody who would hear him. The one who came to him was a vampire and saved him by making him one as well. On the upside, the transformation created a stronger and faster body for him, but on the downside, he was cursed with color-blindness. Never returning home, he took to continue his search for the reason why The Pale Ones appeared, only to find destruction and ruin in their wake everywhere he went.

Weapons: Alex carries a silver sword on his hip. Along with multiple smaller daggers in his trench coat, ankle holsters, and one large silver tipped dagger on the opposite hip. His primary weapon is the bo staff he utilizes as a walking stick when not fighting.

*When I say twilight, I mean the point in the day when the sun has disappeared, but there is still light outside. I am not mentioning in any way that horrible series by the same name. This is the cool twilight.

This is still very rough. I'd like to buff it up tomorrow, but I don't have the patience tonight.
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Name: Amarande Bellmere

Nickname: Ama (from her mate only)

Age: 325 (looks about 25 years old)

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 145, toned but has curves


(not all the fire)

Most of the time you see her in her cloak, black leather pants, halter top and cloak. Keeping her two board swoard's, that belonged to her father and mother across her back. Never going anywhere without them. Black knee high boots. The only time you see her pulled back. Is when she is fighting or when she is in court. She has armor that she goes out in. (which is shown above.)

Very strong willed, hard headed, protective of those that she cares about. Never showing her softer side to anyone. Only her mate, he is the only one that gets to see her open up. Some would say that she is cold, but once you get to know her. She isn't all that bad. Not one to really make jokes, but she carries herself like a Queen and Warrior. But you never want to piss her off, she will put you in your place faster then you can blink your eyes. She is very respectful and she expects that from others as well. Graceful and smart.

Born to the Great King and Queen, some 300 years before. They loved her with their heart. She was the apple of her fathers eye, the jewel in her mothers crown. She was raised with lots of love. Her father, even started to teach her how to use his weapon. Having loved to train with her father. It was a great bounding time with them. Being one of the last families that are pure blood. They hold great pride in anything that they do. Life was wonderful for her. Until the night that her parents were murdered and she had to watch the whole thing through a space between two doors. No matter what she did, there was no one that she could help her mother and father. They fought until their last breath. To save her, for her to carry on what they wanted her to be. To carry on the family and rule the vampire race. With a heavy heart she carried on for her father and mother. Ruling with the pride like her father and grace of her mother. She was loved, but not by all in the race. Some felt that she was not made to be Queen. Some have tried to kill her, but that didn't bother her. They were taken care of.

As time went on, she created the crimson blade. Made of great warriors of the race. The reason she created the crimson blade, was to protect the vampire race. But also to take care of them, after they killed her mother and father. She loved her warriors just like her own family. But her mate was the one that she loved the most. He stood up to her when others wouldn't. Of course, that is because he was her mate. If he wasn't she wouldn't have stood for it. They have gotten into many fights with each other. But they have their sweet moments that no one saw. And that is the way they both liked it.

To long broad swords, always on her back. Two knives in her knee high boots.

(well add if I need to later)
Name: Rheydohnna Lestrange

Nickname: RayLe (pronounced reyh-leyh)

Age: 227 (looks to be about 21)

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 165 (very curvy)



Attire: You will mostly see RayLe in a short, tight shirt, usually a dark color or white, revealing her stomach and Black leather capris pants. On her feet, she wears long black boots that reach up to her knees, covering the gap between the end of her pants and her feet.

Personality: ReyLe can be a spitfire. She isn't afraid to say what is on her mind, no matter what the consequences may be. When it comes to battle, she is as serious as the plague. She is a great tactician and natural born leader. She is not quick to anger, but a long fuse has it's consequences. She may have an air of superiority, but she knows her place.

History: ReyLe never knew her parents. She has been alone for a long time. She taught herself how to use the bow, and how to do a number of "questionable" things. She grew up on the streets, fending for herself, so she knows her way around the thieving business. She was chosen for the Crimson Blade because of her hunting and tracking abilities, and her ability to sneak up on her "victim". She was a remarkable shot with the bow, and was equally remarkable with hand to hand combat. Though she preferred to shoot first.

Weapons: Longbow, 2 short swords with hilts on her back, crossing making an X.
Name: Arren Valdos

Nickname: None

Age: 26 (115)

Height: 5'4

Weight: 140 lbs - Muscular and toned

Ash RP.jpg
Looks: Black hair cut just above her shoulders, wavy and typically tucked behind a multi-pierced ear. Arren has dark blue eyes that darken with her mood to black and a strong jawline that only amplifies her "give no shits" attitude. She walks with a commanding aire, with sturdy boots and dark gray cargo pants that are snug to fit her toned limbs. Torso is long and lithe, marked with the scars of her past and a few tattoos. Comfortable attire allows her to move swiftly freely.

Personality: Arren is the quiet, confident type. She will watch from afar, surveying her surroundings, ready to jump into action when the time is right. She's loyal to the core and will fight for what she believes in. Her pose can come off as arrogant, but deep down, she is anything but. Don't let her cold exterior fool you, Arren knows the art of manipulation and she will get what she wants.

History: The daughter of an aristocratic family wanted nothing to do with the fortunes that were waiting for her. At the age of 18 she ventured off and fell into a life that her parents had warned her about. Homeless, penniless, she fought for everything she needed to survive. Known as a street thug, Arren fell into darkness when she was unable to carry out a request, the price she paid was her mortality. Wandering the darkness for nearly 120 years, she has settled on vengeance against the Pale ones for the life she was forced to live.

Weapons: Bowie blade, short sword, fist wrap (knuckled claws)
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