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The Rules of the Sanctum

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These are the rules under which this site operates. They have no exceptions and no special circumstances. Failure to follow them as written will result in a warning or a ban, depending on the discretion of our Staff. Read them thoroughly, reread them periodically and PM a staff member if you have any questions or concerns.

If you observe any of these behaviours, please report them to a staff member immediately via PM or the site report button.

Sitewide Policies

1. To be a part of this site, you must be 18 years of age or older. This is a non-negotiable requirement. Your listed age must be your real age, and it must be over 18. If for any reason, this is suspected not to be the case, you will be given the option to verify your age (consider it a compliment, you're youthful at heart). Failure to verify within 48 hours of a request will result in a ban. If you suspect an underage user, inform a staff member immediately

2. Respect must be shown, always, to fellow users, to Staff and to the site itself. We are all here to write. Let cooler heads prevail—we have a zero-tolerance policy for drama. Disrespect towards users, the site or its Staff will result in disciplinary action. Additionally, please note:

a. We are not a dating site. While friendliness is encouraged, this is not a place for relationships or relationship drama outside of Roleplays. Excessive flirtation, obsession or sexual harassment will be dealt with strictly.
b. We are not Facebook. Drama, angst and obvious attention-seeking do not belong here
c. We have a zero-tolerance policy for 'catfishing,' attempting to solicit sympathy or donations through fictitious stories and all similar behaviours.
3. All Roleplay Threads and solo work in the forums are limited to the creator of the thread and their chosen partners. No other user may post there. Free joining of threads is allowed in The Unfinished Tales forum and in the Sanctum Tavern, where OOC and casual discussions occur.
4. Users retain all ownership of their own work, acts of plagiarism will not be tolerated.

5. No Roleplaying of any kind in Private Messages (PMs/DMs/Conversations). These are for OOC (out of character) conversations only. We reserve the right to monitor all private messages to ensure compliance with this and other site policies. If you have questions about the appropriate forums for a specific story, ask a staff member.

Character Policy

6. Characters under the age of 18 are permitted, with these major stipulations:
a. A child will NEVER be exposed in any way to sexual acts or extreme violence (the latter can be implied). This will result in an immediate and permanent ban. The offender will then be un-banned to give us the pleasure of banning them again. Seriously, DO NOT DO IT.
b. A child cannot be the main character of a Roleplay or story. They are permitted as side characters only. Further, the existence of the child cannot be the central premise of the story (New Parents, Unexpected pregnancy, etc.).
c. The literal age of the character is not relevant. An ancient vampire that looks 15 is considered 15. The character must also act 18 mentally—age regression and similar stories are forbidden if they are used as a way to bypass other rules​
d. Any scenario that naturally implies underage characters is forbidden (for example, high school Roleplay is not permitted). Any scenario where an under 18 character would be the logical assumption will be viewed as underage Roleplay.
e. . Fandoms that feature underage characters are permitted, subject to these rules. Any characters underage in canon must be explicitly aged to compliance with site rules and any setting which implies underage characters must be altered or avoided (for example, replacing a magical school with a magical university). If staff notice any ambiguity on this point in a story, the thread will be subject to removal—if you do it, make it clear.
7. No Bestiality. Any character engaged in sexual activity must be humanoid and possess human-like reproductive systems. Furries are permitted within these boundaries. Weres and shapeshifters are allowed but must be in human form for sexual acts. Half-humans (Centaurs, Lamia, etc.) are only permitted if they can shift to human form.

Shared Content Policy

8. All public content, including but not limited to: signatures, avatars, thread and profile covers, usernames, character threads and intro posts, must be appropriate and in compliance with site policies. Pornography, images that violate site rules, excessive vulgarity, hate speech, images depicting underage seeming characters and so on are subject to removal without notice, requests for change from staff members and site discipline for repeated or severe offences.

9. Do not post, share or ask for any personal information outside of PMs. In PMs, you can share off-site contact information, with three stipulations:
a. These are permitted only for sharing in established conversations for the purpose of off-site OOC conversation. Sharing contact information without solicitation will result in staff action​
b. Recruitment for private off-site roleplays, sharing other roleplay sites or servers will result in an immediate ban.​
c. The Sanctum cannot monitor or police off-site interactions. We are not responsible for any off-site issues resulting from contact information being shared, and the act of sharing contact information occurs at your own risk.​

10. To limit data usage for mobile users and visual distractions for others, large images in signatures must be put inside a spoiler. GIFs are forbidden sitewide in signatures, avatars and cover images. They can be used in threads and chat if they are spoilered. Please - USE YOUR SPOILER!

11. Do not link to outside content or sites unless it is compliant with all site policies. If you aren't sure, contact a staff member first. If your Character Sheet or world are on another site, you can post the content from them in this forum.

12. We allow the promotion of commission services, off-site projects and charities, so long as they are not in violation of these other policies and are not promoted to the point of spam

Site Use Policy

13. Confine all Role-plays which are premised around sex to The Forbidden Sanctum forums. Other sections may contain sexual content, but it cannot be the central pillar of the plot. When in doubt, ask a staff member.

14. All users are permitted a single account. Secondary accounts are forbidden. If you made any mistake in the setup of your account regarding your username or personal information, contact an admin to have it remedied. If your friend, spouse, roommate, significant other, or anyone else who is likely to have matching IPs (connecting to the same Wi-Fi network usually causes this) wishes to make an account here, please contact administrators ahead of time to let us know so we do not mistake their account for a secondary account of yours.

15. Do not spam the Profile wall. Greetings should be done primarily through PMs and Introduction threads; anything longer than the character limit should be continued as a comment on the same post. Consecutive posts by the same user will see all but the first removed unless posted at least 1 hour apart.

16. . Bumping of request threads should not occur more than once every three days. Users are limited to two active request threads per request forum (active meaning visible on the first two pages). Spamming of recruitment messages and mass recruitment PMs are forbidden. If you wish to start a roleplay, either post a request thread/interest check in the correct forum (Link) or read through and respond to ones by other users. Sending identical PMs without having read the user's request threads WILL be treated as spam, as will excessive chat mentions, profile wall posts and so on

17. The Staff have FINAL say in the interpretation of these rules. If they say you are breaking them, arguing is the fastest way to escalate a warning into a ban. We want things to be handled amicably whenever possible and are willing to explain our policies and the reasons for them—but that does not mean you have wiggle room when you're told you're doing something wrong.

Look here for a full guide to our forums and threads.

When in doubt, ask the Staff.

We're happy to help. We'd rather provide you clarification now than have to ban you later.


Staff positions:

Administrators: Purple names. They are the ones in charge of discipline, forum oversight, tech support and directing other staff.

Moderators: Blue names. They can do almost everything an Admin can, know the site in and out and can move it up the chain if need be.

Heralds: Green Names. These staff members are in charge of overseeing our chat feature and enforcing those rules and in charge of greeting new users, they can answer most questions you might have or direct you to someone who can.

Other Username Labels:

Dungeon Masters: Red Names. These users run site-supported D&D tournaments.

Sanctum Nobility: Gold Names with a Red Outline, these are users who have donated to the site. They are not staff members.

Chat Rules:

1. General chat is for general discussion. The Forbidden Sanctum chat is for open discussions of adult topics and light roleplay (If you wouldn't do it in a crowded room, don't do it here). The Sanctum Confessional is for ranting, venting and mature discussions of controversial topics. Staff will redirect any conversations which seem unsuited for the room they are occurring in.

2. No Harassment, Creepiness, Temper Tantrums, interpersonal drama or melodrama. If the staff feel your behaviour toward another user crosses the line, you are subject to either a warning or removal from the room, at their discretion. Any and all ranting, whining, complaining or melodrama, as well as any discussion that is becoming too heated, should be redirected to the "Sanctum Confessional" room. Chat is intended as a lighthearted feature everyone is able to enjoy, keep it that way.

3. Whispers are subject to viewing by staff and rules will be enforced there. They are not for extended private conversations, as they make it difficult to monitor the chat. Any exchange more than a few messages long should be handled in PM. Do not use it as a place for Roleplay OCC. Proposing one is fine, but it should be moved to PM as soon as it is agreed to.

4. No sharing of personal information is allowed in chat. This includes whispers.

5. The Sanctum Confessional is the ONLY place where ranting, arguing and excessive complaining is permitted. It is also a good choice for any discussion that is likely getting too heated. However, we expect all users to show respect at all times. Attack the argument, not the arguer and if things get personal, leave or inform staff. Do not escalate.

6. Rules are subject to change and Staff interpretation. Our one and only goal is to make chat an enjoyable addition to this site. If we feel your behaviour is in contravention to this principle, you will be asked to change it or be removed. If you feel another user is acting inappropriately, message our staff.

For any clarification of these policies, please contact an admin.
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