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Buckle up! This is probably going to be a little rough on the edges and brief. But I will return to add. Also note some of these mods I did not make.

Annamarie of Riverwood

Height: 5'8
Build: Slim (32-24-34)
Hair: Light brown, long and wavy with a couple radom braids
Eyes: Hazel
Clothes: Light tan dress with a loosely laced over shirt and a white apron.

Anna was born in Riften and lived there until her murdered in their home at age 4 by thrives caught mid heist. Her parents attempted to fight back but failed. Anna only escaped by hiding in a large cooking pot. She was then sent to the awful Riften orphanage. Luckily she was also a charming in her younger days as well and was adopted when she was 7 and taken to the small village of Riverwood. There nestled in between the mountains she grew up, helping her step parents and playing in the river and the surrounding woods. Now grown she works at the Sleeping Giant Inn. Cleaning rooms and serving patrons food and drink in the main hall. Her employer, Delphine prefers her to work during the day as to avoid the rougher travelers in the evenings. Annamarie is very nice and sweet to all she meets and has a very innocent personality. She likes her job and enjoys the slow pace of Riverwood. Though she loves her new home and family she longs for a suitable companion, of which she hasn't found in Riverwood.

Kyara Frost-Shield

Height: 6'0
Build: Lean and feminine (36-26-38)
Hair: Long golden with slight waves
Eyes: Light Green
Face: light grey warpaint
Clothes: usually custom iron armor, boots, and gauntlets. She also has an ancient nord helmet for prolonged combat.
A fierce Nord from a small farm outside Dragon Bridge, Kyara grew up in the wilderness, learning to hunt game and protect their land from bandits and saber cats. She is a tall woman, stronger than she appears. Tough plated armor protects her soft supple skin. Preferring a bow for its long range effectiveness, and her familiarity with the weapon from her youth. However her father, an ex-imperial officer, trained her to be proficient in all weapons. With her parents growing old the farm does not bring in enough money so she ventures out to find treasure or employment as a mercenary or guide, pretty much anything to make coin for her parents. Her travels as a guide and or mercenary, though she prefers not to get caught up in petty battles, have taken her all across Skyrim and even a brief trip to Soltheim. Battles along the way have somehow left her face untouched though her body is marked by scars. One running from her lower abdomin to left hip from a sword, another over her right shoulder blade from a dagger, two small spots from arrows on her right thigh, and a scar under her right armpit almost to her breast from a battle axe that almost killed her. Though being a soldier of fortune she tends to deny employment by the Stormcloaks, due to her family history and for Ulfric's mistreatment of elves.

Preshia Ushant

Height: 5'5
Build: petite (32-24-34)
Hair: Dark brown and straight
Eyes: Sky Blue
Clothes: varies (see photos)


Preshia is of a Breton family that fled to Skyrim during the oblivion crisis. The Ushants keep their Breton heritage even though a few generations have been born in Skyrim. She has earned a spot on the Jarl of Whiteruns court as an adviser. Being on the Jarls court means she knows how to be a lady, proper and polite while also serving as a reserve guard for the jarl, being a courier for especially sensitive documents, and even occasionally hunting game for the Jarl. Though she lives in the Jarl's keep she is no servant and is paid well for her services. Preshia is very proud of her heritage and status. While not a snob, she will put a peasant it their place if needed. Though she is shorter than the common Nords of Whiterun she makes up for with a scrappy, take no shit, attitude. Her light blue eyes can usually charm her way out of any situations her mouth might get her into. Which happens occasionally after a few tankards of mead. Though on the Jarl's court in Whiterun her deepest alliance lays with the Empire. Reporting to the emperor once a year.

Maiden Meriel Spreadeagle

Height: 5'8
Eyes:Change with surroundings from light grayish blue, to deeper blue
Hair: Long curly light red/strawberry blonde
Build: Lightly toned and very elegant curves (36-22-38)
Clothes: A well fitted red dress except for the loose top and straps she wears past her shoulders. Coupled with a halter strapped leather corset over the dress, laced in the back. Finished with tall deerskin boots.

image.jpg image.jpg
Meriel is a Nord currently residing in Markarth. Raised by her father as her mother died shortly after she was born. Her father and older brother left her with a distant aunt who owns the Silver-Blood Inn, to fight in the Stormcloak rebellion. With the mines around Markarth the Inns tavern gets pretty rough in the evenings. Meriel finds her aunt to be less kind the longer she stays with her. Only caring about the extra coin Meriel brings to the inn. The locals have started a rumor that she is a cast out priestess of Diabella, due to her looks. Often groped and the target of cat call while serving patrons, her main concern is finding news of her brother and father. Often putting herself in vulnerable situations with men that claim knowledge of the war. As months go by without so much as a letter she fears the worse. Often daydreaming about leaving Markarth in search of her family or just to get away from her aunt. She would have fled already but her aunt doesn't pay her so she has no funds for supplies, nor the skills to survive in the harsh wilds.

I'll add more characters and to these as I get more time!
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Makor gro-Baroth


Age: 21

Height: 6 ft 4 inches


Hair: A dark brown.

Eyes: Brown


Makor was born and raised in the Orcish region known as Orsinium. As a child, Makor could swing a warhammer with both hands (an orcish warhammer being his primary weapon at the moment) just as well as the adults, and as expected, often put them to shame. Makor's father, Ozub gro-Baroth was a chief of a large stronghold and he was sure that Makor would one day make a great chief.
The Breton nobles of High Rock thought that the orcish strongholds were an ugly stain on the lands and needed to be destroyed, so they sent hunters to discreetly kill all of the game there so the orcs could slowly starve. This didn't work on the orcs, so the Breton nobles decided to meet the orcs themselves and "negotiate" terms for the orcs to leave.
The next week, the Breton nobles decided to pay a visit to the orcish stronghold. They said that they would give the orcs lots of money and other useful supplies if they left. Makor's father, Chief Ozub, was prepared to leave if the Bretons were to give a sufficient amount of supplies.
The Breton nobles said to meet in a shed the next week and not to bring guards. Ozub agreed to the plan and was on his way the next week.
Upon entrance, the nobles all had a wolfish grin on their faces and the shed was set aflame. The nobles ran out only to leave the orcs to burn alive. Makor was out hunting that day, so he was completely safe.
Makor finally made his way to the shed to see what was going on and all he sees are burnt corpses of his family and stronghold members. Makor looked to the ground and saw a small boulder, he grabbed it and beat all of the Bretons with the boulder simply out of his berserker rage.
Makor's stronghold was destroyed so Makor fled to Skyrim because he had heard of the orcish strongholds that were created there.
As Makor made his way to Skyrim, he stumbled upon the orcish stronghold known as Largashbur, a supposedly "cursed" stronghold.
Makor helped the stronghold and was rewarded with the orcish artifact known as Volendrung and was thus named the chief of Largashbur and the Champion of Malacath.

Ivunel Llanith -- Vivec's Faithful
Age: 20

Height: 5'10

Build: Muscular

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red


Equipment: Bonemold armor, Ebony Battleaxe (Skyrim variation), multiple buffing potions and deadly poisons.

Magic: Oakflesh, Courage

Ivunel's ancestors during the golden age of the Tribunal. His entire family remained faithful to Vivec, including Ivunel. And with Vivec's survival unconfirmed, also believes that Vivec is still alive and will one day return to Tamriel and bring back the prosperity of the Dunmer people.
Ivunel has travelled Tamriel, searching for Vivec, and preserving the relics, teachings and ideals of the Tribunal. His journeys lead him to Solstheim and he makes a home there.
Ivunel traveled to Windhelm only to be treated with disdain from the filthy nords.

Despite being a religious being, he is quite the womanizer and loves any sort of drink that could make him drunk.
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