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Challenge Submission The Trap Door


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For the last 6 months, Brielle Westworth's entire life had taken a turn for the better like she'd never believed possible before… she'd been stuck in a tiny ass one bedroom apartment that was really more like a damn closet than an actual living space, she had been working herself to the bone until near collapse at a dead end retail job where her boss heaped all that extra work with no extra reward onto her as some sort of sick punishment for defiantly rejection every attempt to make a pass at her. She couldn't even afford a cat to take comfort in when she got home each night.

She'd been miserable beyond anything words could truly sum up.

That was all behind her now, because here she was at the Buchanan Manor on the edge of town, working as a personal assistant to one of the wealthiest billionaires in the country… turns out he knew her parents before they died and looked her up those 6 months ago to check on her when he finally located where she was. He was shocked and horrified to see the state her life was in… and then he offered her a job as his personal assistant, she even got to come live in the manor, so she could be close at hand at all times! At first, she was a smidge worried that being so close, he might be tempted to overwork her, but that wasn't the case at all, in fact he was sending her to the spa this weekend to enjoy some well earned relaxing and pampering.

He told her earlier this week… she was like the daughter he'd never had. She almost cried, but thankfully maintained her composure.

As of right now, she stood with her wonderful employer, Sylas Buchanan, in his study as he got ready to leave for the night to attend a very important formal party where he hoped to conduct some critical business with a very valuable potential partner.

In his retirement, Sylas headed a charitable organization that helped save endangered children from starvation and homelessness. He had a heart of gold, this man.

Before he retired, Sylas had had a very long career as one of the most highly sought after lawyers in America and Europe and even before that, he came from a wealthy family of old money that could trace their roots back to the 17th century. Apparently he met her parents at a coffee shop while he was doing research for a case, starting chatting with them while waiting for their coffee and they all just hit it off, a friendship was struck and went strong for years until Brielle's family had to move away to care for Brielle's paternal grandparents.

Brielle only came back because she needed to get away from an old dillhole boyfriend who was harassing her quite badly, so she went to the only other place she knew. In the end, it was a good thing she did.

"Thank you again for being here all alone like this, Brielle, I cannot even tell you how much I appreciate this" Sylas Buchanan said, pulling out a drawer of his desk and withdrawing a decorative diamond pin "Would you mind helping me with this? My old fingers always struggle with these darn things"

"Of course" Brielle replied with a sweet smile, approaching Sylas and taking the pin from his fingers, she deftly pulled the back from the pin and carefully attached it to Sylas's tie "There you go"

"Thank you, dear" Sylas replied warmly "Now then, make sure you get those files all finished before you turn in for the night, it's very important. We have a lot of kids depending on all this… and if tonight goes well, I'll get the connections necessary to make it all go even quicker… the less time those kids have to wait for help, the better"

"It is really going to be such an endeavor to get this Richardson fellow to help you bring aid to children in need?" Brielle asked "It's not like you are asking his money, just a bit of his time and perhaps some vouching for us, some red tape snipped here and there"

Sylas sighed softly and his expression grew a little sad "Unfortunately, Brielle darling… some individuals don't learn as I did to value the world around you and see the things in it that are truly the most precious… sometimes they do see it, but they just don't care… in those cases, you have to grease some palms and fluff some egos to get some good done in the world"

Brielle nodded "I understand… the house is really quiet, is the staff still here?"

Sylas shook his head gently "No, I gave them the night off since I'll be out quite late, I intend to go directly to bed when I get home. They'll be back in the morning… as I understand it, most of them left to go spend time with family in town"

"That was really sweet of you" Brielle replied "Are you sure you will be alright on your own tonight?"

"Oh sweet Brielle, don't you worry, I'm a tough old man" Sylas chuckled, "I'm off now, can't be late. Get to those files, dear heart and we'll be up bright and early tomorrow to hopefully get some very invaluable help on it's way to some kids who desperately need it"

"Tomorrow morning huh?" Brielle smirked, watching Sylas head for the study door "Already banking on success, are we?"

"Always, dear" Sylas replied with a laugh, before leaving out the door and shutting it behind him.

Two hours later and one last file left to get through, Brielle leaned back in the cushy black office chair and sighed… there was so much stuff in all these files, Sylas really didn't hold back when he set his mind to making sure he was able to help as many kids in as many ways as he possibly could.

She yawned softly and stretched out her legs beneath the desk to try and get some of the stiffness out of her knees, she felt her right foot catch the edge of the rug beneath the desk and half of it got flipped forward "Oops, darn it"

Pushing the chair back with the intent of fixing the rug… Brielle instead found herself staring at what appeared to be half of a large trap door… what in the world was a trap door doing under Sylas's desk? Was it like an emergency shelter or an old panic room?

The longer she stared, the stronger the curiosity grew…

Sylas was going to be out until likely near 2 AM and it was only just now midnight… perhaps if she didn't touch anything or disturb anything down there… would anyone ever really have to know she got curious? After all, she only wanted to look, she wasn't going to move anything or steal something.

Catching her lower lip between her teeth to give it a light nervous nibble, Brielle eventually sighed and succumbed to her gnawing curiosity, sliding from the chair to the floor on her knees, she shoved the rug forward more until she uncovered a pull ring… it wasn't locked…

"Should I really do this?" Brielle asked herself aloud, she stared at the trap door another moment before she groaned softly "Yes… it's going to kill me if I have to keep thinking about what could be down there… besides, I'm not going to touch anything, it will be like I was never there at all and I'll never go back again after I know what is there"

Making that promise to herself and to Sylas, Brielle moved around to the other side of the desk and grasped the pull ring, she yanked and much to her shock, it came up easily… like this door was well and regularly maintained…

Brielle gazed down into the darkness and with a nervous swallow, she fished her cellphone out of her cardigan pocket, she switched on her phone's flashlight and took a deep breath "Okay, here I go…"

She descended the stone steps one at a time until the darkness swallowed her, her phone flashlight providing thankfully enough light to properly illuminate the passage to prevent herself from missing a step and falling… her heart beat excitedly in her chest… She had always read in books about mansions that had all kinds of old secrets hidden within, but she'd never gotten to see anything of the sort for herself before.

As she neared the bottom… was that light she was seeing? Not like light from a light bulb, but light from candles… she could see orangey gold light dancing on the walls by the base of the stairs… was someone down here? Why would Sylas leave candles burning if he'd been down here himself? When would Sylas have had time? She was with him most of the day before he left for the party.

She paused… if someone was down here… what if she got herself caught and Sylas found out she was snooping? Part of her was tempted to turn tail and get the hell out… but another part of her wondered if perhaps a staff member had lied about leaving and was waiting for Sylas to leave before attempting a robbery or something…

'Maybe I should just peek… make sure Sylas isn't getting robbed…' She thought to herself, shutting off the light from her phone before she began tip toeing to the bottom of the stairs… she peered around the corner of the wall at the space the stairs let out into…

It was a fairly big square shaped space dimly lit by a few well placed tall candelabras sporting three candles each, plane stone walls… but the simple cement floor sported a beautiful large persian rug in the center, on one side was two deep red leather armchairs with a cherrywood coffee table sitting in front of them… her dark chocolate eyes flicked quickly to the other side of the room as she heard the page of a book being turned… seated in a large tall backed brocade chair of deep red with gold thread embroidery in swirling designs, his elbows braced upon a writers desk matching the cherrywood coffee table… was a devastatingly handsome young man with lightly curled dark blonde hair, Brielle couldn't tell what color his eyes were from this angle, but she definitely knew he was handsome from what she could catch of his face. Who was this guy? She'd never seen him around the house before… should she call the police?

Her eyes shifted away from the busily reading young man as something else drew her gaze near the back wall of the room… was that… was that a fucking open coffin?!

'What… the… actual… fuck…?' Brielle mouthed before she frantically began opening her phone and beginning to dial 911… why was there a coffin down here? Who was this guy? WHY WAS THERE A COFFIN DOWN HERE?!

Just as she was about to hit the call button, she heard the sound of a book closing loudly with an irritated sigh… a sophisticated male voice speaking then "I was just getting to a good part…"

'Fuck!' Brielle thought and hit the call button, but just as it rung once… the cellphone was snatched from her hand and thrown at the wall with such force that it shattered into pieces and chunks.

Her eyes were met with breathtaking aqua blue eyes at the same time that her forearms were grabbed and she was yanked into the room and her back pushed hard into a wall… the face of an Adonis looked into hers with an amused smirk "Well, if I am going to be bothered, at least it's a pretty girl and not my father… I wonder though, who are you and why are you down here?"

"I could say the same to you…" Brielle replied weakly, desperately fighting to keep stammering as she spoke "Father? I didn't know Sylas had a son…"

"I don't get out much… and father doesn't talk about me if he can help it… I'm a bit of a black sheep you see…" he purred softly, pressing his body against her to keep her from moving as he released one arm to raise a hand and brush some dark brown hair away from Brielle's neck "Got myself into a spot of trouble though and well, my father couldn't bring himself to abandon me, regardless of my circumstances or the fact I'm not some shining hero boyscout like he is… been home about a year now… it gets a little boring, being cooped up down here all day until everyone goes to bed, but I make do and father always makes sure I have the newest books of my favorite genres… and if I behave… I can leave the estate and go into town for a few hours… goodie for me… My name is Ethan by the way… Ethan Buchanan… who might you be? Father hasn't mentioned you…"

"Why… why do you have to stay down here all alone?" Brielle asked… she refused to look at that coffin, she couldn't accept the bizarre implication of its presence combined with the strangeness of Sylas's supposed hidden son… and why it might be that Sylas never mentioned a son…

Ethan laughed with great amusement before taking her chin in one hand and forcefully turned her head towards the coffin "Why do you think, sweetheart? I'm not exactly human anymore… haven't been for at least fifteen years now… being a vampire is great fun, I love it, I love the powers and the immortality… but unfortunately, it does have it drawbacks… the bloodlust being one of them. I did really good for quite awhile… a year ago, in Nevada while I was enjoying the sins of Vegas… I fucked up… you see, I got with those smoking hot sluts in the casino and they invited me up to their room… I banged these chicks for two whole hours… and then they invited some girlfriends over, raving over my stamina and the size of my dick… I hadn't fed in almost 24 hours, I was starving…"

Brielle looked at him like he was crazy and tried pushing him off her with her free arm "I want to go back upstairs now, get off!"

"Rude!" Ethan scolded her, pressing his body against her tighter as his hand came up to cover her mouth "As I was saying… I figured if I could one of the girls alone for a few moments, I could feed just little bit and I would be alright enough until they all got tired and left… so I told one of them to come into the bathroom with me, I wanted to take a quick shower and she could wash my back for me… when the door closed, I put that slut up on the bathroom counter and made like I was planning to give her oral pleasure… which honestly isn't too far from the truth, given that vampire venom contains an aphrodisiac… what I didn't know before I bit into the bitch's inner thigh… was that she was on some kind of drugs… I don't know what exactly even to this day, but it messed me up good… I wasn't in control…"

A dark bitter expression crossed Ethan's handsome face "I went nuts… I drained the bitch dry and then I killed her friends… drank until I was full and snapped the necks of the others like fucking twigs… and it was a rush… until whatever I ingested wore off thanks the quick metabolism that comes with vampirism… I realized what I had done and the problems this was going to cause me… I had been seen coming up to the room with the first set of girls… I needed to get out of Nevada and I needed to do it quickly… so I came home back to Georgia and father agreed to hide me until the police in Nevada stop looking for me. Thankfully due to vampires having no reflection… they don't have my picture and I don't show up on any of their security footage… I just have to wait for it to blow over…"

Brielle stared into his face with wide terrified dark chocolate eyes… was this guy completely insane? Was he going to kill her? Why the hell couldn't she learn to control her damn curiosity?!

He opened his mouth slightly and flashed two silvery white fangs that gleamed in the candlelight…

He leaned in towards her neck and sniffed up the column of her throat, she heard a soft almost aroused sounding sigh "I haven't had fresh blood in months… or felt a woman's sweet soft body under mine… and heavens, you smell so damn good…"

Brielle swallowed hard "Please… Ethan, right? Ethan… your dad will get really angry if you kill me, he likes me, you know? If you just let me go now, I won't tell him any of this happened and I won't tell anyone else that you are here. I swear it. I would never do anything to hurt your father"

Ethan paused and eventually withdrew his face from her neck, he looked into her face with an annoyed expression "If I let you walk out of this place… I have some demands… otherwise, I am going to bite you and I am going to turn you… I find myself looking at commitment far more favorably these days, a bride doesn't sound half bad…"

"What demands?" Brielle asked, doing everything possible to muster enough courage to just stay calm and clear headed… screaming, panicking and crying her eyes out wasn't going to do her any favors and might just irritate Ethan further, she always fancied she had more spine than that anyway "Let's hear it"

"You are going to come down here and spend time with me, every single night, for at least two to three hours…" Ethan stated "You will get to know me and I will get to know you… perhaps you might decide you like the idea of spending eternity with me, but that will be your choice… don't worry about my father, I will handle that part… Do we have a deal?"

"Don't take this as an invitation, I'm just making sure I don't get duped into something I wouldn't agree to… do you expect there to be sex involved?" Brielle asked him, ignoring that tiny little traitorous voice in the back of her head that argued sex with such a fine ass hottie wouldn't be so bad.

"Mmm baby… only if you want it…" Ethan purred, thrusting his hips against slightly to let her feel the bulge of his partially erect package "I won't force you though. I wouldn't do anything sexual to you unless you gave me a very clear 'Yes' on the subject of sex first"

"If we have sex at all in the future…" Brielle said, noticing the way Ethan smiled at the implication of a possibility "You have to promise you won't bite me unless I consent to it"

Ethan pouted a little bit with those extra kissable lips before he eventually nodded "Agreed. So, deal?"

"Alright… it's a deal…" Brielle agreed "Now let me get back upstairs to finish my work before your father gets home"

"Fine, fine…" Ethan sighed, backing away a bit from Brielle to let her free from the wall "Go on then… just remember, tomorrow night… you will be down here to spend time with me by 8 PM, shortly after I rise from my coffin… oh and Brielle? Don't try to run away… I'll find you… I don't take rejection well…"

Brielle nodded and turned to haul ass back up the stairs, vowing to herself that she would never be so carelessly stupid ever again.
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