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Amethyst Haze:


Description: Amethyst has mid-back length flowing purple hair that match his eyes. He wears a long black trench coat, a purple button up, black skinny jeans and black leather boots. He has an earring in his left ear that is shaped like a crescent moon with an amethyst hanging in the center.

Bio: Amethyst is a vampire who's been alive for 974 years. Those thousand years haven't been consecutive however, after living to the ripe old age of 972 years, he used his most powerful ability which forced his soul from his body. 200 years later, he was resurrected by a group of fanatical cultists who believed he was the key to an ancient prophecy. This ritual changed him... Changing his crimson eyes to those of a deep purple.

Powers and Abilities:

Rapid Regeneration: As a vampire, he regenerates quite quickly, as long as silver, sunlight, or light magic aren't involved.

Super Speed: Another perk of being a vampire, his reflexes and movement are amplified to super human levels. Once again, when silver, sunlight and light magic are used upon him, this ability becomes hindered.

Vampiric Bite: All vampires' bites are venomous, laced with the poison of their species. This will eventually kill most non supernatural beings, though humans have found some success with a rare antivenom. If a vampire bites a human, then infuses them with their own blood, then that human will turn into a vampire, again, unless some form of magic or antivenom is introduced to their system.

Toxic Blood: Without a bite to introduce a being's body to the vampiric venom, a vampire's blood is highly toxic. This is especially true of the greatest rivals of vampires, the werewolves.

Hemomancy: In my version of vampires, every vampire has an ability that not every vampire has. Some have several special powers, and some have special abilities that are quite common. In Amethyst's case, he has the ability to manipulate blood, his own from within his body, and others' as long as it's exposed to the air.
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