Challenge Submission What a Cute Little Prisoner - I Love Him and Will Keep Him Forever

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Challenge Submission What a Cute Little Prisoner - I Love Him and Will Keep Him Forever

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DISCLAIMER: Not sure why this got so weird, but here we are.

Shandy sat on the floor, face pressed against the glass. She was smiling as broadly as the Cheshire cat in her favorite book. She blinked her eyes three times, feeling the lashes flutter across the glass, for that's how close her face was against it. It's what she imagined a romantic heroine would do in a situation like this. She pressed her palm against the glass. It was sweaty and the panel immediately began to fog, so she took it away. Sitting, cross legged on the floor, on the other side of the glass panel was Jeremy, a thirty something year old banker who had been roofied on his lunch break, hit his head against a dumpster in the alley behind the bank where he worked, was dragged into Shandy's electric pink Volkswagen beetle, and had woken up here, in a 4X4 glass prison she had asked her ex-husband to build in her basement before he left her with the kids.

Jeremy looked at her, more confused than afraid. She looked like Ms. Frizzle. Forty-something year old Shandy wore her red curls piled high upon her head, long dangly earrings slapping against the nape of her neck. She wore a dress with entirely too many things on it. A pizza patch embroidered on the front, a sleeping kitty on the side. An entire solar system on her breast. Maybe she actually was Mr. Frizzle. She never stopped smiling. She spoke to him, but the glass was thick and sound-proof so he couldn't hear the words behind that toothy expression. Sometimes she cried while she spoke to him, but she never stopped smiling.

Jeremy was the most beautiful man that Shandy had ever seen. He had curly black hair and long eyelashes. A sharp nose, underneath brown eyes. When he smiled, he got these little lines in the corner of his eyes that were the only denial of his otherwise youthful visage. That and the single grey hair he had on his chin, on those days that he forgot to shave before going to work. Jeremy had been her bank teller since she moved to the small town of Innisdale, Maine from New York. Perhaps New York had made her crazy, but we won't judge. To be honest, she had memorized his work schedule and only ever went to the bank when he could service her. And so began a seven month love affair across the teller's desk. Money exchanged with coy smiles and batted eyelashes. Little did he know that the money he handed her each month was going to the construction of his new forever home. He was the love of her life.

She had not thought about how she would take their relationship to the next stage prior to constructing the glass box, she only knew that whatever was going to happen would happen organically, so she thought not about the size or shape of the terrarium she would build him, she just did it. With the help of her ex-husband of course.

The terrarium had only been half finished by the time Jeremy moved in, because Shandy had gotten impatient waiting for her lover. She had filled the base of the glass box with soft sand and green grass. She installed a sprinkler system that would feed the plants nestled into the corners and hopefully keep the grass from drying out. She replaced the basement lights with greenhouse lights. She had wanted a bucolic hill in the center where her lover could perch, but that would just not be possible given her strict time restraints due to her impatience. There was a single fruit tree in the far left quadrant of the box, she managed to create enough subterranean space for the roots, and there were mushrooms growing everywhere. She figured there would be enough nutritional value in these plants to keep them both alive when she inevitably migrated into the box with him and locked herself in. In truth, she didn't think much about it, she just wanted to be close to him.

Which was entirely up to her. Why waste time admiring her prize when she could spend the rest of her life in blissful solitude with the love of her life? She spoke to him of the entire plan, to grow old together under the greenhouse lights and eat mushrooms and citrus fruit and live in blissful harmony with man-made nature. But he couldn't hear her of course. So she waited for him to grow tired and fall asleep. She never realized he slept like a little boy, curled up in the fetal position. It made her love him even more.

Now docile and unaware, she could open the glass door without worrying that he might try to escape. She slid into the box as quietly as she could and nestled into the grass next to her lover. After about thirty seconds, she could hear the automatic click of the external locking mechanism she had made her ex-husband install. That click let her know that she and the love of her life would be together forever.

Note from the author: OMG this is such a cute love story, I hope one day to find a love just like this.
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