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"The naked adventurer guild member since 2E"
Inner Sanctum Nobility
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Here are the charater sheets of the players from this RP: All - The Mystery Island

"Who takes care of the souls created by others?
I shall help them live, breath and experience the joy of pain and suffering..."
Many years ago, when angels and demons fought one another in a bloody battle, one little soul watched from afar, not afraid and not cheering for anyone. Quietly and for themself she sat down and watched.
To learn more and to satisfy her need for knowledge and her insatiable hunger for the wicked things that are rather unusual.
As time has passed, She started to become more intrigued by the humans and there knowledge, it was so much different to the ones angels and demons had.
So much more fantasy and imagination, something She got addicted to and craved more and more.
Feasting upon those who live in there own heads, creating, crafting and thinking differently allowed herself to become a manifestation of what they crave, what they desire.
Death has always been around her, watching her and awaiting the day when he can take her to the place that she belongs,
but where does she belong to?

The worlds of fantasy lands and the beautiful 16th century have always been something she felt more than enjoyable. She fit in perfectly, knowing her way around.
Her beauty and her inhuman ability, creating almost anything in the blink of an eye for others allows her to get along with strangers well.
To become rich in times when the world is suffering.
But she enjoys watching others suffer, she craves the feelings people around her have and she always finds a way to make others suffer.

It is a fair trade, those who take her with them on a journey, will be gifted whatever they need or want - But will suffer the consequences that come with it.

Are you willing to take her with you?
What are you willing to sacrifice?

Also Known as: The daring adventurer

Age: 25
Sex: Female
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Blue
Profession: Adventurer
Dress-code: Tight leather harness, sometimes with a bra on
World: Letoriah, a world whose continents rotate and move back and forth over gigantic seas.
Syn never knew where exacly she came from or how she ended up in this world all along but she always strived to learn more about what this world has to offer rather than finding out about any form of purpose in life.
It is her free mind and spirit that would quickly turn her wishes and desires to learn more and be more than just a farmer girl that brought her attention towards the "Daring Adventurer Guild".
She was always fascinated by the name and listened to every myth and story of the guild until she practically knew all of them.
When she finally managed to become part of the Daring Adventurer Guild she found a way to express herself, to escape the boring and repetitive life she was living.
Her sarcasm and the very light-headed way to fulfill her quests and the infamous ways she used to explore dungeons gave her quite the reputation.
The guild was amazed and intrigued by her daring acts and stories and would within 2 years, allow her a seat on the table among the grandmasters.

Someone who meets Syn for the first time would call her naive and blandly gullible.
But only until they see her in battle and her quick tongue when negotiating with enemies and merchants.
She is very clever and witty, which she uses just right to archieve her goals by any means.
Like a harlequin on a festival she acrobatically jumps from rooftops to rooftops, her every step planned and well considered. Even walls were no match to her, no matter how high or flat the wall might be, Syn will do whatever it takes
to climb it. And succeed.

Syn never had any posessions as she lives by a code: "If theres no owner, it belongs to noone."
The only thing Syn owns is her body and mind.
She always went naked and only by herself into dungeons and took what she needed, leaving everything behind for other adventurers to find.
If she needed a armor, she would take parts that would cover only the necessary, if she needed potions she would take glasses and only the ingredients needed.
Everything that was considered an extra or a luxury she wouldn't even look at.
It's her sharp instincts that allow her to decide rather something is useful or not, rather she needs it right now or if someone else might need it.
Her willingness to help others and go far and beyond for strangers to have them smile or speak out the words: "Thank you" was something even the highest of kings have heard about, yet her name would never be mentioned or noticed by anyone who was not from her hometown.​

: Drew Moliach
Age: 24
Race: Human
Profession/Class: Scientist, Survivalist, Very Occasional Plant Creator/Manipulator

6.2 inches/ 188.976 centimeters
Body Type: Thin
Attire: Arrived on the beach with nothing but a pair of yellow swim trunks with red accents.

Background: Drew was a scientist, taking part in a project that would help save his world's ecosystem. The planet was slowly dying due to how much was being torn down in favor of high-tech buildings and intergalactic space shuttles. So he and a group of the smartest minds were tasked with creating an artificial energy source that could revitalize plant life and make it more inhabitable for not only the human race but also races from beyond the stars. By the time they had created the energy source, they couldn't find or create anything to contain it and fully utilize its potential. They were beginning to worry and take very risky and drastic measures, even considering live vessels to contain it within their bodies. Drew volunteered himself to be a possible host for this energy, despite many other people's protests saying that it could possibly kill him. But he went through with the process and despite how painful it was, it worked. The energy source fully integrated within Drew's body and after some extensive testing, gave him the ability to grow plants and manipulate them to his will. It felt... great to Drew, incredible even, he felt like he could change the world with what he could do now. While some people agreed with him, some were a bit more... hesitant and worried about what someone with that power could do. Some had other plans entirely about what someone with that power could do, about how they could weaponize it and use it to "defend themselves" from anything that would be considered hostile to the human race. One of the head researchers tried to remind everyone what the purpose of this energy source was and was hell-bent on making sure that it provided energy to the entire planet, even if it meant that Drew had to act like the Earth's battery for the rest of his life. Debates began to escalate about what they should do with this potential, what they should do with HIM, so much so that it eventually got to Drew and made him not even want to deal with it anymore. In a moment of fear and self-preservation, he stormed out and tried to hide away from everything and everyone saying what he should be and do. All sides of the argument were quick to act, creating a worldwide for Drew and whoever found him would have the final say about what should be done. Years have passed since then and Drew is mostly on his own, trying his best to hide from anything and anyone that would try to drag him away to be used. All he wanted to do was make the world a better place, and with what had been given to him he very well could. But now with how everyone wanted to use him and what it meant to him as a human being, he saw this power as more of a curse.

Skills: Being a scientist, he can always find some type of logical and scientific explanation for almost any conundrum, and with the right tools he can have a whole lab running to do research on various oddities that have yet to be fully understood. With the power of the Eco-Energy Source, he can grow plants big or small and manipulate them however he wants, creating large trees, lashing vines, and maybe a valley of roses if he ever had the time to.
Talents: 1. MEDIC!: He's been in a couple of scrapes myself and if he can heal himself he can use that knowledge to heal others with whatever he can.
2. Athletic: Being on the run for a long time does wonders for your legs. He can go fast and keep going for a good while before needing a break to breathe.
3. Good Hearing: Drew has a keen ear for anything that might sound unordinary or threatening, if anything is a miss he is usually the first one to hear about it.
Flaws: 1. On Edge: He has been moving around for a while now, and can never seem to have a chance to himself so he can relax. Because of this, he never really knew how to and if things get too out of control or nothing is making any sort of sense to him he can get a bit heated.
2. Self-Sacrificing: Drew has a need to try and help people however he can, no matter who they are or how small/big the issue is. However, sometimes the issue can be a bit much for him because of either the situation at hand or risking his own mental and physical well-being. But despite that, he always tries to push himself to make sure that everyone is okay, even if he gets hurt in the process.
3. Self-Doubt: Drew doesn't really think highly of himself, to the point where it could be seen as annoying more than humble. Even with death staring him directly in the face, he could still find some way to beat himself up.

Equipment/Gear: He ain't really got much outside of the swim trunks that had been magically placed on him. He has his powers but part of him doubts that they would even work after the transition from his world to this one. He does have a knife that was given to him by the mysterious woman so... I guess that's something, right?

P.S. A drawn visual description of Drew will be around here later. As soon as I find the time for it anyway...
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: Nahele Kaimana (Hawaiian name: Nahele means "Forest/Grove", Kaimana means roughly "Sea Power")
Age: ~23-25
Race: Kapua - A kind of spirit/demigod in Hawaiian lore. Kapua are often considered to have dual natures: the one that applies to Nahele is that he is both human and ocean wave. Nahele is not fully aware of his nature, however, and thinks he is a normal—albeit skilled and lucky—human.
Profession/Class: Navigator, Fisherman, Sailor, Warrior.

5' 9" / 175 cm
Body Type: Muscular
Attire: Arrived wearing a headband, hand wraps, and a malo loincloth, all made from tapa cloth. Wound up trading his catch and navigation help for a variety of accessories: tattoos and piercings for one, but also trousers similar in style to the Turkish şalvar, as well as a cloth shirt and hooded rain jacket for bad weather.

Background: Nahele was born on a distant, great archipelago, blessed with soft rain and sunshine, and crowded with farms and boats and people. His family was of modest means, but it was quite large, and there was plenty of opportunity for the young boy to learn and grow. Although bullied as a child for his significant vitiligo, he quickly proved himself to be a skilled sailor, fisher, and warrior, developing into his own as a strong young man. People noticed his seemingly supernatural skill and luck when it came to the ocean: the currents seemed to carry him wherever he wanted to go with ease, and he never seemed to need to fight against the waves. More than a few times, in encounters with sharks or barracuda or other hostile sailors, it seemed like the sea itself always came to his defense. Nahele always chalked this up to good fortune or to his own, non-supernatural skill—but by the time he became an adult, many were thinking there was something different about him…

One sad day, war broke out on the islands between two powerful and arrogant chiefs: his family was unfortunately placed right in the middle between the two rivals. What began as small skirmishes and fistfights quickly spiraled out of control, and eventually, to Nahele's horror, the shores were choked with blood and the forests with smoke and fire. The Kaimana tried to remain afloat in the storm as long as they could, even trying to arrange peace talks between the two factions, to no avail. Nahele, for his part, fought hard to defend his family from all attackers, using both clever tricks and raw strength to keep the violence from sweeping up his home. In this way, he was becoming acquainted with the art of war, as well as the crafts of the sea. But eventually, the raging conflict caught them up in its net as well and, in a bitter day and night of brutality, his family were all slaughtered. Only Nahele, who had been out on a fishing trip when the attack came, remained with the living.

In his grief and rage, Nahele cursed the two chiefs and their islands, with all the hatred in his heart. As he screamed and cried, the blue ocean itself rose up, roiling and glowing sinisterly with enraged energy. It rushed forward onto the two clans' islands, like a tide at first, but then like a colossal, breaking shore wave. The waves seemed to touch the sun, roaring as they towered high into the sky before falling back to the surface with terrible violence. These giant waves slammed and slammed against the islands with unimaginable force, literally breaking the land itself to pieces, killing many and forcing the few survivors to flee for their lives in their boats, scattering in every direction. Dumbfounded and broken in spirit by the sudden disaster, not realizing his own role in creating it, Nahele simply turned around from the wreckage in his catamaran, and sailed away, alone.

And he sailed, and he sailed, and he sailed for what felt like centuries. Nahele ate what he could catch and drank collected rainwater and condensate. He braved numerous encounters with violent storms and ravenous sea monsters—still, the waves seemed to be on his side, guiding and protecting Nahele all the way. He didn't find any other living human or human-like as he sailed, but as the days passed, Nahele drifted increasingly strange flotsam: strange oily slicks, pieces of colorful, shining stones that seemed like sea-glass or obsidian but that were very hard to break or shape or bend, translucent and malleable materials in the shape of odd containers with even odder markings on them. He seemed to be entering a new and unusual patch of ocean...

One day, Nahele awoke at dawn to find the silhouette of land in the distance, rising towards him with the morning sun: it was The Island. Eagerly, he tacked sails and rowed with haste towards it, carried forward yet again by the waves—even to someone like Nahele, the ocean can become monotonous after a while, and after so long he had almost forgotten was dry land felt like. What he wanted most of all a change in his food: by now, Nahele was sick to death of his diet of rainwater, seaweed, and raw fish. He wanted the meats and fruits and roots and fresh spring water and ʻŌkolehao (a type of beer made from tree roots) he used to enjoy as well—to his great distress, Nahele realized he even missed the taste of poi. He decided that was starting go mad, and he needed to land right away.

When Nahele made landfall, he found quite a few of these things and eventually was satisfied. But it was not all sunshine and soft rains on this new land. Strange, hostile creatures prowled the forest—Nahele himself had almost been killed while foraging when… well, something came from the underbrush and sunk its too-many teeth into his leg. Nahele managed to fight it off with his fishing spear, and his wound recovered just fine, but he got the hint: the forest was something to be feared.
Stranger still were the people of The Island. Nahele was used to Hawaiian and Polynesian peoples, but here he found humans and others of every shape, size, and color—even green like leaves! Suddenly, Nahele's own vitiligo didn't seem that unusual in the grand scheme of things. These people carried so many odd objects with them—some clearly useful, others less so—and had so many strange abilities and powers, to say nothing of their customs and worldviews.

Now, Nahele works as an all-purpose ocean navigator and fisherman for the peaceful people of the island, trading his catch and services for any of his wants and needs, living on the boat that carried him here and making friends and enemies with his new community on the Island. Despite this fairly peaceful, almost idyllic existence, Nahele is haunted by the horrors of his past, and with anxiety about the future—both for others, and for himself…

Sea Power: Nahele has a mild ability to control oceanic currents and waves. His capabilities, strangely, have diminished dramatically since the days back when he smashed two solid islands to bits. Nowadays, it's all he can do to have the current at his back when traveling or to have a lucky big wave slap into an enemy. He has little to no conscious control of this capability: it's more reactive than intentional, and if you told Nahele that he should "summon a wave" or something, he would look at you like you're from Mars. Nahele's "dual nature" has also given him unusual endurance and strength, although not necessarily paired with speed or agility…

Master Navigator: Nahele is very skilled at operating most kinds of watercraft, with the exception of engine-powered contemporary/future boats. He has a keen sense of direction, using the stars and other natural elements to find quick and safe routes around and through the Island and surrounding sea. Getting lost is very rare for Nahele, and even more rare is having a craft he's piloting put into serious danger—at least, provided someone with equal power isn't gunning for him…
Living on Water: Nahele is a great fisherman and diver—skilled with spears, nets, lines, hooks, his hands and feet and teeth, etc. He knows just where to find any sort of resources from the sea, from tasty tuna and crab to useful shark teeth to precious coral and pearls. He can hold his breath for nearly half an hour (a little longer than the IRL world record of 22 minutes), can see well underwater without assistance, and of course can swim expertly.
Repair and Restore: Nahele knows how to fix boats and simple huts and tools—he's had a lot of practice, both in his old life on the ruined archipelago, and over his travels afterwards. He can make his own ropes and craft his own simple wooden and stone tools and structures, and has some little knowledge of gardening—enough to manage a small plot of taro, at least.

Absent-minded: Nahele is forgetful and his mind often has a tendency to wander off, latching on to unrelated or trivial things even during critical or dangerous moments where he really should be focused—there's speculation that he might not be fully neurotypical, not that Nahele knows or really cares what that means. He used to have a mnemonic system he could use to recall really important information that his grandfather taught him… but he forgot what it was.
"Not my problem"/"Ahem—you're welcome": It would be incorrect to call Nahele a coward, but his past experiences have given him a strong avoidance for danger and conflict, making him a somewhat unreliable ally in a tough scrape. Even if he's forced to help in a struggle (or feels like he has been forced, which is far more common), Nahele can quickly become sour and resentful over it—especially if he thinks that improper levels of gratitude are being shown by those he's helped, a trait that rapidly strains his friendships.
Conceited: Somewhat relatedly, Nahele is rather sure of himself, possessing a dangerously flippant attitude towards threats and a near total intolerance for belittling talk directed at him. Emphasizing the dangers of a challenge and implying his weaknesses in the face of it will often only make Nahele want to dive into it even more recklessly. This has put his life into danger more than a few times, egged on by clever bullies or adversaries to foolhardy action. So far, Nahele has survived and thrived, and the conceit has born out—for now.

-The Old Lady, a small, weathered Polynesian catamaran canoe: has sails and oars, can fit 6 people with personal items and some gear, or 4 people with a large catch or cargo object.
-A sturdy, hooked fishing spear, with shaft made from strong palm wood a point made from the sharpened jawbone of a Great White shark.
-A few scattered coils of random rope and a few watertight wooden containers.
-Aforementioned clothing items.
: Narita Pash
Age: 22
: Dragon nanny.
Profession/Class: Pirate

....? Will be known once we play... I guess.


1,65m - 65 inch
Body Type: Lean
Skin color: Caramel
Eye color: Black with golden speckles.
Hair: Long, thick, dark-brown curls. She has a LOT of hair. It's just above her navel.
Tattoos: Two golden dragons. Most of the time they are still on her skin. Sometimes, they like to move around and choose another place of skin to rest.

  • Head: Wears a red bandana to keep the wild hair from her eyes.
  • Hands: Leather gloves.
  • Torso: Lose, cotton top. Long sleeves
  • Legs: A loose, brown trousers with a heavy leather belt.
  • Feet: strong, leather sandals with an iron band.

Side note: With a higher level more dragon abilities are unlocked. This changes her appearance too.

A pirate lives on the sea. That life isn't all sunsets and free fish. It is hard work that requires sailor legs. You need to know how to tie a knot, sew a shredded sail or cloth, brave sea monsters and storms, have basic knowledge of healing, mob the deck, and be able to perform sailor tasks. You can do anything and everything, but nothing great.

  • Hear animal thoughts.
  • Pyrokinetic abilities
  • Good with a sword
  • Finding treasure (locate gold)
  • Impenetrable skin.
  • Can not swim. Why, as a sailor, bother to learn to swim? When you fall overboard you'll drown anyway. A quick drowning seems more forgiving than a long and agonizing one.
  • Greed. Narita is always hungry for gold. This can cloud her judgment and rational thoughts.
  • Dragon tattoos. The dragon tattoos grow. This gives agonizing pain. It is a process that takes away humanity in return for dragon power. Each change can last a week. When the dragons have turned all of Narita's skin gold, she hears the call that she needs to return to the eggs. She will place a hand on each egg, and the gold will leave her body to return to its origin. Raising dragons asks a lot from the body. Once all the gold has left Narita's skin, her soul will leave too. That's when the dragons can hatch. They will be born with the same experiences and knowledge that Narita had during her life. Her body will be the first meal the baby dragons eat.
  • Empty bag with limitless storage ability.
  • Gun with wet gunpowder.
  • Clothes she wears in the moment.

When one has been born on the Pirate Islands, there is only one occupation one can become. A pirate. Narita lived with her mother for 6 years, before she lost her to the treacherous waves. Her mother was a prostitute. The father could've been anyone. When she was orphaned, she lived on the streets with other children like her. They stole, lied, and played pranks on adults to survive another day. Life was simple. You did what you could, the consequences were a problem for another day. Narita was lucky in those days. She didn't need to fight and beg as much as the other children. People seemed to like her. They gave her an extra apple, they let her sleep in a warm stall, they gave her old clothes, and yet the other children weren't jealous. She liked to share her fortune with the other kids. Until one day, the people stopped being nice. She was old enough to work. And work she would. First, she worked in a tavern. She served customers their drinks and nicked coins from their pockets when they were too drunk to notice. It felt like she was meant for more.

The sea, treacherous as it was, called. Narita became a pirate. Sailors were always needed on any ship. The first year was the hardest. Overcoming sea sickness, being the ship's boy (girl), undergoing the teasing of the crew, messing up a lot of simple tasks... After 3 years she had become a good sailor. She was trained to fight with a blade and shoot with a gun. She had never learned to navigate. Narita's 18th birthday was a memorable day. During a night shift, she heard the call. She stared over the sea for hours, deaf to her captain's commands and crew's warnings. They told her that her eyes had been glazed over with a golden color. The captain knew what that meant. Narita looked towards a direction, and the caption steered the ship towards it. That led them to the hidden Dragon's Island. Narita walked off the deck into the water. Only, instead of sinking into the waves, she walked over the water toward the island. The crew rowed after her. She led them to the dragon's nest. Two beautiful golden eggs lay there. Waiting for a host. Narita placed a hand on each egg. Their golden color streamed from the egg to her skin and formed the dragon tattoos.

The pirates robbed the gold from the island and fled with Narita unconscious on the ship. Ever since that day, Narita could feel where the gold was. It made the crew successful. However, Narita also felt the need to eat gold. When she ate gold for the first time, an innocent golden ring, she never was the same person again. The pupils in her eyes became dragon slits. Some of her skin became scaly, and... She had abilities. The first ability she noticed was that she could hear the thoughts of animals if she wanted to. Then, as she ate more gold, there were others. Immunity to fire, enhanced senses in smell, sight, hearing, strength, speed, and stamina, impenetrable skin, and finally, creating fire. The more abilities she unlocked, the less human she became. The dragon tattoos on her body grew and grew rapidly. She had become a soulles creature. She killed the captain who had raised her to take over the ship. Together with her crew, she became the most feared pirate in the world. Until one day... the sea called again. It was a different melody. She stared out over the sea. This time, without the golden haze to cover her eyes. This time, her eyes were blanched. Her blood was being called to another island. The crew didn't stop Narita when she jumped over the railing. They were glad to be rid of the monster. She didn't walk over the water. She disappeared into the waves.

Narita woke on a beach. She felt... different. She felt... Human. It was odd that she thought it was odd to feel human. She had always been a human. Yet, the feeling was... strange. Without her memories, but with the knowledge of the skills she had gained from her life, she had arrived at the island. And the dragon tattoos? They suited her like fine jewelry. Only deep within her, the hunger for gold remained.
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Name: Devonya "Devon" Grensauld
Age: Twenty-Four
Race: Human-Nymph/ Necromancer/Sorceress
Profession/Class: Parlormaid, Maidservant, Avid Worshiper


Height: 5'8" / 172.5 CM
Body Type: Curvaceous
Devon awoke wearing her white nightgown, however, it was scorched, littered with burned holes and seared cloth, and her ancestral amulet adorned around her neck in pristine condition despite her smoldered negligee.

Background: Conceived and birthed underneath the mystic waters around her family, of blood and not, all bred and indigenous to the outskirts of an ancient woodland, Devon was immediately branded as a troubled spirit among her tribe, crying to no ends as soon as she touched her mother's skin. Crying continuously even after making contact with the mother, symbolized weakness and bad luck in the tribe's culture; it proposed her to be an outlier and a hindrance to them. Devon's mother was one of the most powerful sorceresses of the land, her people expected her to have a prosperous babe, perhaps a prophet even due to her status, but hope was lost after the revelation of Devon's birth. Ancestrial scriptures and poems told the clan of a prophet, traditionally born in their mystical lake to bond their given power as every fetus was, but a deity to be reborn, found shrouded among the growing Earth and wrapped in beautiful emerald vines and sticky with freshly sprouted twigs. She was to be one with nature and her natural-born abilities as a necromancer, a nymph of the strongest mystical vigors the clan will ever come to know. It was said this prophet would be most fruitful if carried among the most fortitude of necromancers, and yet the clan went on another full moon without their prophet, their impending doom looming and preying closer and closer, the ancestors could feel their Earth grow colder with each passing day, they just didn't know what day it would be... .

As Devon grew, she was proven to be a "late-bloomer", lacking the rudimentary powers children her age already mastered and possessed. She was pushed, trialed, and secluded from her people, the outlook of an outlier weighing in heavier and heavier on her shoulders. She lacked companionship from her clan, and proper nurturing from her mother and father, leaving her to fend for herself, and building a shell, despite the importance of surrounding your spirit with and to your people. Eventually, she grew to inhabit her powers and was able to quickly catch up with her peers, though it lacked any emotional stir with her tribespeople, much less her parents. On the night of her ceremony of this "celebratory" moment of life, is when that "doom" finally came. Amid a raging thunderstorm, a mysterious cult from distant waters attacked the woodland with a disturbed and perverse rage, heinously slaughtering and mutilating the men and women, lighting ablaze to their wetus and cottages, their sigils of peace and worship, their religious heirlooms and ancestral regalia stolen and stashed. Though the fight was fierce and at first, promising to survive, the cultist knew of their mystical foes from hair fiber to skin follicle, and overthrew them using their greatest weaknesses against them. Devon's parents were some of the last to be slaughtered, and some of the younger women and children were sparred for sport, and others, like Devon, were captured.

Brainwashed to their masters' ways, the tribe of the woodland was forced to forget what they knew and were born for, and forced to be submissives to the cult that turned them into a dying breed. Some lost the way, their abilities weakened by the emotional and physical abuse of the cultists, but Devon remained strong and promising, her abilities never faltered and instead, they only grew stronger. As soon as others took notice of this, she was trained in secret to harness and preserve her power, suddenly, the hindrance of the clan became their only lasting hope for salvation. By the time she had turned 16, her mystic strength excelled extraordinarily past her age, she had the power of a middle-aged necromancer. The confidence in her destiny pushed Devon forward, she was not only well fortified in her powers but in mental endurance. Because of her snap and vigor, she was to be a serving woman, attending to the needs of her "superiors" and oppressors, fetching food and water, ales and spirits, running baths which carried over to assisting with bathing her headmen, cleaning, etcetera. She was essentially a maid and errand girl to the most vile of men. It never broke her spirit, and then on the night of the full moon of her 24th born day, a raging storm rolled over the cultists' village, similar to the night of her tribe's attack, thunder raged and littered the Earth, and the energy charged Devon to foreign heights, and her power rioted, thunder had danced all around her, striking her oppressors and then, striking her, she only saw the blinding light and then... nothing. One moment she was in the storm and the next, shrouded among the growing Earth and wrapped in beautiful emerald vines and sticky with freshly sprouted twigs....

Necromancer & Sorceress - Extreme capacities of communing with the dead, exceptionally with her ancestors and their astral gifts, absorb the life force of her enemy, channel her own life for more power, heal and channel life force to her allies, have out of body experiences where she can inhabit the spirit of living things (animals, plant life, etc.) and manipulate them, conjure the elements (fire, water, electricity, earth) and use them to her offense and defense, and summon deities.

Fortitude - Despite being surrounded by degrading, perverse, and violent men and women, she maintained a mental strength that many could not, which allowed her to withstand the most abusive natures imaginable.
Expertise in Wilderness and Wildlife - being that she was born and mostly raised in the woodland, she was taught to be able to know how to survive in the wilderness, learn it, and adapt it as quickly as she could memorize the lines of her hands, and attune herself to wildlife, something naturally effortless with her abnormal capabilities with the Earth.
Organized & Attentive - Being trained to be a servant to her oppressors called for her to be exceptionally well organized and take careful consideration in everything she was demanded of. If she wanted to be spared of a slap or a lash, she was to be in order and damn near perfect.

Clumsy - Not physically, but more so mentally, she often makes mistakes, small ones that only require a little more thought or insight, inabilities to contain certain emotions at times, all of which fuels her frustration within herself and her self-doubt and lack of confidence.
Overburdened - Mostly towards herself. Being sheltered and secluded from her clan for a large portion of her life and constantly being under duress to do better, loading herself with too much to carry, pressuring herself to go the extra mile, always needing and wanting to prove herself to others.
Insecure - Ties in with her upbringing, never being equivalent to her peers, lacking and being looked down upon by her family, while she can push herself, she is never satisfied and feel inadequate despite her path.

Equipment/Gear: Her scorched nightgown, an ancestral amulet, and her father's dagger
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