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A Simple Guide for the Sanctum Dweller


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Hello, one and all!

As our site continues to grow, we figured it would be wise to have a centralized thread for important links, suggestions and content helpful for new users. To try and keep things organized, spoilers will be used. Even if you already feel you know the site, it's worthwhile to give things at least one full read through.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: I'm new, what do I do now?

A: Welcome to the site! We'd strongly recommend looking at your Private messages (PMs). You should have received a greeting PM with links to everything you need to get going. You can post an introduction here, a request thread to find partners here. Also, you might want to post a status, set your Avatar and Signature on your user page, to start making yourself at home.

Q: Where do I start a roleplay?

A: Depends on the type! Anything extreme but not sexual should go in Poe's Corner. Anything that is mostly PG-13 can go in Mark Twain's Table. If your roleplay is premised around sex, it belongs in one of the Forbidden Sanctum forums, which are divided up by how extreme the content is. If you want to create an open roleplay anyone can reply to freely, it belongs in Unfinished Tales. Please note that we only allow roleplaying in the forums on this site, not in PMs.

Q: How do I send PMs?

A: If you go to your Conversation page, you can select "Start a New Conversation". You can also do this from a user page or user card, which starts a conversation with that individual directly.

Q: How do I change my theme?

A: We have a full guide on our various site themes, which also includes a guide on changing yours.

Q: How can I change my username?

A: Only site Admins can change usernames. PM any of us with a purple username to get yours changed. Please note, we only do this once per user, so please be certain and double check things like spelling and formatting for your new one.

Q: I'd like to improve my writing, how can I do that?

A: We offer several options. Our resources forum contains guides and other assets to help with writing. Our Sanctum Melee forum allows you to post your own work for evaluation and constructive criticism.

Q: What are blogs for?

A: Blogs are a place for users to post thoughts, work, life updates and other things they want to talk about. As long as site rules are followed, you can post what you like!

Q: What is the credit system? What are Gold/Silver/Bronze good for?

A: This is a partially implemented site feature. We have plans for it in the future. For right now, users can just accrue it for when it is ready!

Q: Am I limited to one character? Does this site have a set world? Can I roleplay in my own world?

A: No, No and Yes! We are not an established world site, nor do we limit our users. So long as your content follows our rules and guidelines, you are free to roleplay it here! You can have as many characters, worlds or roleplays as you can handle. If you need to keep track of all these or share them, make a thread for it in our Character Forum!

Q: I have more questions, who do I ask!?!

A: Any of our staff are happy to help!! Admins are in purple, Mods are in blue and Heralds are in Green. They all know the site and can make sure you get the answers you need. Look at the "Staff Online Now" bubble on the main page to find out who can help you the soonest.

Our forums list and what each section is for:

Sanctum Information

1. Rules of The Sanctum—Contains our rules thread. If you haven't read it, read it now. Every member has the responsibility to keep up to date on these and ignorance will NEVER constitute an excuse.

2. About Us—A place for handy guides and explanations like this one

3. Your Inner Sanctum Staff—A place to learn more about the staff and ask us anything.

4. Suggestions and Tech Support— For user input and questions

Bulletin Board

1. The Town Herald—Where all site announcements are made. If you aren't already following this forum, doing so would be wise.

2. Who Goes There? State Your Name—Where members Introduce themselves

3. Wanted Posters—Our User Picture Forum

4. Request Threads—Multiple forums in which to request a Roleplay

5. Characters—A place to aggregate information about your characters and worlds

The Great Hall

1. Poe's Corner—For more extreme Roleplays. Sex is allowed, but not the focus (sex-focused plays go in the Forbidden Sanctum). No restrictions on violence.

2. Mark Twain's Table—For the Softer Roleplays. Little violence, minimal sex.

3. Unfinished Tales—For Open Roleplays anyone can join at anytime

The Sanctum Tavern:

1. Bard's Tales—for posting all your solo work and for outside links

2. By The Hearth—Our forum for Casual discussions about anything and everything

3. The Artist's Display—For sharing of artwork and photography of all kinds

4. A Momentary Departure—A forum for announcing hiatuses

The Forbidden Sanctum

1. Torture Chamber—For Extremely Violent, Sexual Roleplays

2. Fetish Dungeon—For Kink without going to Extremes

3. Feather Bed—For the Vanilla and the moderate

The Grand Tournament

1. Royal Lists—For our Monthly Writing Challenge

2. Jousting Lists—Where users can challenge each other in forum games and smaller challenges

3. Sanctum Melee—For Writing Critiques

Our list of useful and interesting threads:

1. Rules - The Site rules

2. Donations - Information on Site donations and how we use them

3. Background - Information on how our site came to be

4. Staff and Staff Applications - For information on how to apply to staff

5. Sanctum Theme Guide - A guide to changing the way the Sanctum looks.


1. Our Mugshots Megathread, for sharing pictures of yourself

2. Pets of the Sanctum. The same, just with Pets.
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